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40 Boardman Place
San Francisco, CA 94103
Tel: (415) 621-5661
Fax: (415) 621-5466

For press inquiries please email or call x. 123.

To contact a member of staff:

Daniel Macallair x.111
Executive Director

Dinky Manek Enty x.120
Deputy Director

Nisha Ajmani x.106
Sentencing Service Program Policy and Program Manager

Maire Larkin x.140
Children's Waiting Room Program Manager

Denise Bradford x.142
Children's Waiting Room Site Coordinator 

Delmin Vargas x. 132
Children's Waiting Room Childcare Specialist 

Laren Anderson x.143Children's Waiting Room Childcare Specialistlaren@cjcj.orgSofia Soler x.141Children's Waiting Room Childcare

Shirley LamarrCameo House Program
Nichole PettwayCameo Program
Bridget Stewart x.126
Cameo House House Manager 

Thomas Murray x.147
Cameo House Monitor

Walter Ennon x.118
Cameo House Monitor

Alvonda Meyers x.109
Cameo House Weekend Monitor 

Bridget Stewart x.126
Cameo House Weekend Monitor 

Comelia Johnson x.109Cameo Support Staffcjohnson@cjcj.orgDante BrooksCameo House Support Staffdbrooks@cjcj.orgRoanae KentCameo Support

Brian Goldstein x.124
Director of Policy and Development 

Lizzie Buchen x.123
Policy Analyst 

Erica Webster x.121
Communications and Policy Analyst 

Gerald Miller x.117

Director of Community-Based Services  

Patsy Jackson x.115
NoVA Senior Case Manager

Jose Gomez x.114
NoVA Case Manager  

Shona Pikula x.122
HEC Case Manager

Juan Santiago x.146
CASC Transitional Services Specialist

Matthew Snope x. 119 San Francisco Training Partnership Case

Kimo Uila x.101
Director of Juvenile Justice Services   

Noga Givon x.113Clinical

Stephanie Carnes x.127
DDAP Expeditor

Abdul Ali-Akbar x.128
DDAP Lead Case Manager 

Fil Matavao x.149
DDAP Case Manager 

Daniel Reyes x.138
JCRT Lead Coordinator

Adrian Garcia x.129
JCRT Reentry Case Manager 

Terence Baugh x.133
PDRP Clinical Case Manager

Arturo Durazo x.134
PDRP Clinical Case Manager 

Booker Gray x. 135
PDRP Clinical Case Manager
Jorge Mota
PDRP Clinical Case Manager
Joana Fernandez x.105
Wrap Rehabilitation Counselor
Yvette Espinoza x.104
YJM Mentoring Coordinator

Chris Tasi x. 144
YJM Mentoring Coordinator

Therese Turcios x. 150
YJM Mentoring Coordinator

Willie Gray x. 103
YJM Mentoring Coordinator

Yuki Terao x.148
Quality Assurance and Data Entry Clerk

California Stentencing Institute screenshot

California Sentencing
Institute (CASI)

Explore how California’s 58 counties send their residents to correctional institutions with interactive maps, charts, and downloadable data.

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