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Our core values

Our core values drive staff behavior and decision-making, and shape CJCJ’s organizational culture. This is our promise to each other and to you.


We commit to creating a physically and emotionally safe environment for staff, clients, and the community.


We commit to being passionate about and driven by the mission to reduce society’s reliance on incarceration.


We commit to providing highly competent agency representation through expertise, quality of work, and presentation.


We commit to being solution oriented, flexible, adaptable, and creative, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional thinking.


We commit to being truthful, dependable, and fair in all actions.

Since it’s establishment in 1991, CJCJ has expanded its range of services to formerly incarcerated men, women, and youth that reduce barriers to reentry and increase long-term public safety. As CJCJ continues to expand its services into more specialized populations, develop its ability to provide technical assistance, and engage in data-driven policy research, we want an identity that represents the growth, breadth and unity of our work.

CJCJ logo

CJCJ’s logo, designed in 2013, reflects the interplay between the three distinct services we provide — direct services, technical assistance, and policy analysis —to promote a more balanced and humane justice system. The circles represent the continuum of services we provide and our commitment to the evolution of our justice systems. Our motto, developed and chosen by staff, clearly defines our role as multifaceted reform agents: “Changing lives. Changing systems. Changing the future.”

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California Sentencing
Institute (CASI)

Explore how California’s 58 counties send their residents to correctional institutions with interactive maps, charts, and downloadable data.

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Contribute to CJCJ

Make a difference to youth and adults trying to get their lives back on track.

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