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Our Program Directors

Daniel Macallair, Executive Director

(415) 621-5661 x. 107

Daniel Macallair is CJCJ’s Executive Director and co-founder. His expertise is in the development and analysis of youth and adult correctional policy. He has implemented model community corrections programs and incarceration alternatives throughout the country and is an expert on criminal justice reform.

Daniel serves on the faculty of the Department of Criminal Justice Studies at San Francisco State University as a Practitioner-in-Residence.  He teaches courses on adult and juvenile corrections policy, and is an author of numerous publications, including his new book After the Doors Were Locked: A History of Youth Corrections in California and the Origins of Twenty-First Century Reform. Daniel is also an invited speaker at conferences and seminars throughout the country. To learn more, download his CV.

Dinky Manek Enty

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Dinky Manek Enty, Deputy Director 

(415) 621-5661 x. 104       

Dinky Manek Enty is CJCJ’s Deputy Director and the Director of the Children’s Waiting Rooms. She oversees all aspects of the agency’s programs, including operational, fiscal, and contractual processes. She is CJCJ’s lead contact as a technical assistance provider for wraparound and community-based services. Additionally, Dinky is a co-chair of the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Providers Association (JJPA) and a member of the San Francisco State MPA Advisory Board.

In 2011, Dinky co-authored Renewing Juvenile Justice, which formed the foundation for the statewide Positive Youth Justice Initiative, offering model designs for juvenile justice reform. She holds a Master's degree in Public Administration and Bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice and Child and Adolescent Development.

Brian Goldstein, Director of Policy and Development

(415) 621-5661 x. 102

Brian Goldstein is CJCJ's Director of Policy and Development. Under his supervision, CJCJ's policy and communications department advocates for policies that reduce society's reliance on incarceration. Brian holds a Masters of Arts in Political Science from San Francisco State University.

Brian has testified in the California State Legislature and written extensively about local and state justice policy trends. He has previously co-authored California's 58 Crime Rates and Fouts Springs: A Model Approach to Serving High-Risk Youth, among other publications. 

Gerald Miller

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Gerald Miller, Director of Community-Based Services

(415) 621-5661 x. 108

Gerald Miller is CJCJ’s Director of Community-Based Services. He joined CJCJ staff after 15 years with the internationally renowned Delancey Street Foundation, where he directed the Institute for Social Renewal. Gerald has implemented model community-based services for special needs offenders, including an intensive case management reentry program for violent offenders returning to the community from the county jail (NoVA).

In addition to his international experience presenting on community corrections, Gerald has served on the advisory boards of a number of community and civic organizations, including two terms with the San Francisco Reentry Council.

Rebecca Jackson, Director of Cameo House

(415) 621-5661 x. 106

Rebecca Jackson is CJCJ's Director of Cameo House. She oversees and leads all Cameo House programming, operations, and services. Rebecca utilizes her direct experiences in the justice system to support homeless, justice-involved women and their children in San Francisco who are looking for the opportunity to change their lives just as she did.

Previously, Rebecca worked with the Delancey Street Foundation for 12 years, during which she developed strong professional skills under the tutelage of powerful women. Her areas of expertise include case advocacy, program management, mentoring, and event planning.

Sean Cochrun, Director of Behavioral Health

415-621-5661 x. 109

Sean Cochrun is CJCJ's Director of Behavior Health. He recently joined CJCJ after ten years as a full-time clinician and supervisor with a partnering agency in San Francisco serving youth impacted by the juvenile justice system. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is a graduate of San Francisco State University's Master of Social Work program with an emphasis in social action and change. Previously, Sean worked for several community-based organizations serving youth and families in varying roles.

Mike A. Males, Senior Research Fellow     

Mike A. Males is a Senior Research Fellow at CJCJ. He has contributed research and co-authored numerous CJCJ publications, including on issues of drug policy, Three Strikes law, criminal justice realignment, and juvenile justice reform.

Dr. Males has a Ph.D. in Social Ecology from U.C. Irvine and over 12 years of experience working in youth programs. He is also content director of Youth Facts.

Randall G. Shelden, Senior Research Fellow           

Randall G. Shelden is a Senior Research Fellow at CJCJ. He has contributed research and co-authored numerous CJCJ publications, including program evaluations and the influence of the criminal justice lobby in America. He has also authored numerous books.

Dr. Shelden is the co-editor of the online Justice Policy Journal and a Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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