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Probation Enrichment Program

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Educating youth and parents of probation expectations and creating meaningful community service experiences for youth to reduce the use of secure detention for youth who violate probation orders.

Eligibility and referrals

The Probation Enrichment Program (PEP) receives referrals directly from San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department (JPD). Upon assessment and referral by JPD, the youth is automatically enrolled in the program. The selected youth are referred to the program as an alternative to receiving a probation violation.

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How it works

Workshops are community-based and provided on two Saturdays per month, for a total duration of approximately 12 hours at CJCJ’s office. Both the youth and their parents or guardians participate in the first 4-hour session. The second session is for youth only and focuses on a meaningful community-engagement activity.

CJCJ’s curriculum is rooted in evidence-based practices and provides parents with techniques to utilize when engaging with their youth as they complete the probation process. The curriculum highlights interventional techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy that target youth with diagnoses in oppositional defiance and conduct disorder. CJCJ staff also provide parents or guardians with information on local service providers that can enhance the services they are currently receiving. Our specialized Counselor works directly with attending parents to address and overcome individualized needs presented at the first Saturday session.

The curriculum designed for youth utilizes activities located in The Carey Guide. CJCJ staff coordinate with local agencies to provide community service experiences that cultivate a sense of community identity, connection, and responsibility to the community.  This session includes preparation for the day and debrief upon completion.

The co-facilitation, including both CJCJ and JPD staff, allows for the maximization of client services through direct contact. The PEP team is culturally sensitive, gender responsive, and can adjust to serve the youth’s specific developmental needs.


In 2010, San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department (JPD) received 2,814 referrals, of which 145 were for probation violations. The youth population receiving these violations significantly comprised African-American and Hispanic 15- to 18-year-old males who were residents of the Bayview Hunters Point, Inner Mission, and Ingleside/Excelsior neighborhoods.

JPD identified that this population and their parents needed assistance to understand and ensure compliance with probation orders. In particular, parents of these justice-involved youth needed an increased understanding of the youth’s behavior as well as effective tools to aid the youth in successful completion of probation. The youth required guidance on how to avoid certain behaviors that lead to probation violations.

In May 2011, JPD collaborated with CJCJ to provide 2 monthly Saturday sessions as an alternative option for youth facing technical violations of probation. CJCJ’s preliminary PEP sessions in August and September 2011 were deemed successful by JPD and CJCJ, and in July 2012, CJCJ’s provision of PEP services was continued.

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