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Schedule of Readings

1/26          Introduction
2/2      Economics and Poverty: The route to the juvenile justice system
2/9 The Disproportionate Representation of African American Youth
2/16 Youth Gangs

Test I.

Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

3/2  Brain Science and juvenile justice: Are youth brains really different?
3/9   The juvenile justice system and mental health treatment
3/16   Due process and legal protections for youth in the juvenile justice system
3/30 Transferring Youth to Adult Court

Test II.

Institutional Treatment

4/13   Keeping Youth in Their Communities
4/20 Keeping Youth in Their Communities
4/27 Old models and new models for dispensing juvenile justice
5/4   Emerging Issues in Juvenile Justice
5/11 The Future of Juvenile Justice
5/18  Final exam
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