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Schedule of Readings

1/31 Course Overview and Introduction

2/7 The Evolution of the Juvenile Justice and institutional care: from Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages

Sellin, The House of Corrections for Boys in the Hospice of Saint Michael in Rome pp. 533-553.  

2/14 The 18th and 19th Century Origins of Juvenile Justice in America 

Sanford Fox, Juvenile Justice Reform: An Historical Perspective pp.1-35

2/21 The Expansion of Institutional and Non-institutional Interventions in the 19th century America

Sanford Fox, Juvenile Justice Reform: An Historical Perspective

2/28 The Origins and Development of Juvenile Justice in California: following the National path

Daniel Macallair, The San Francisco Industrial School and the Origins of JJ in California pp. 1-60

3/7 TEST I  African American youth and the origins of discriminatory policy

Cecile Frey, The House of Refuge for Colored Children pp. 10-25. 

3/14 The Reform School Era And The Creation Of The California Juvenile Court

Diane Nunn & Christine Cleary, From the Mexican California Frontier to Arnold-Kennick pp. 850–896

3/21 The Birth Of The California Youth Authority And The Revitalization Of Institutional Care

Milhailoff,  Protecting Our Children: A History of the California Youth Authority pp. 1- 126

3/28 Spring Break

4/4 The Decline Of Institutional Care And The Origins Of Community-Based Intervention

Milhailoff,  Protecting Our Children: A History of the California Youth Authority pp. 200- 319

4/11 Closing The Massachusetts Reform Schools: Laying The Path To Future Reform

Behn, Closing the Massachusetts Public Training Schools p. 151-171; Miller Chap. 12

4/18 TEST II A System in Turmoil: the California Youth Authority in the 1980s and 1990s

Lerner,  Bodily Harm: the Pattern of Fear and Violence at the California Youth Authority p. 9-70

4/25 Not Harsh Enough: Prosecuting Juveniles as Adults                                                                                                          

Mulvey and Schubert, Transfer of Juveniles to Adult Court: Effects of a Broad Policy in One Court

5/2 The Farrell Lawsuit And The End Of The California Youth Authority: Reforming Juvenile Justice 

Little Hoover Commission: Juvenile Justice Reform: Realigning Responsibilities pp. 1-56;                                              

Macallair, Males, & McCracken, Closing California’s Division of Juvenile Facilities: An Analysis of County Institutional Capacity

5/9 Juvenile Justice Reform In The 21st Century

Butts and Evans, Resolution, Reinvestment, and Realignment: Three Strategies for Changing Juvenile Justice; Miller, Chapter 18 & 19.

5/15 Final Exam

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