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The CJCJ-MILPA Partnership

CJCJ and MILPA first partnered in 2013 to support local community alternatives to incarceration in Monterey County. At the time, Monterey had received $80 million for a new jail and $35 million for an expanded juvenile hall facility. Due to widespread concerns about an overreliance on incarceration, the purpose of the CJCJ-MILPA partnership was to support advocacy efforts of local community leaders in Monterey County through data-driven and community correctional expertise. 
MILPA’s successful, broad-based advocacy ultimately reduced the size of Monterey’s juvenile hall. 

Since then, our organizations have formed a lasting partnership that focuses on state and local policies to improve public safety and build stronger, healthy communities. This includes the implementation of Proposition 47 and engaging with California’s Board of State and Community Corrections—one of the state’s most powerful criminal justice agencies. Both organizations are committed to developing the next generation of justice leaders and ensuring that communities most impacted by the criminal justice system are leading the way to a safe and healthy California. 

Motivating Individual Leadership for Public Advancement (MILPA)

MILPA is comprised of neighborhood comrades and returning college students that have pulled themselves up by their "root straps."  Through cultural practices, the community leaders in MILPA develop a sense of PALABRA — balance, kinship and stewardship for all peoples. MILPA emphasizes authentic dialogue and encourage curiosity so that the greater Salinas community can collectively move beyond traumas and into the justice reform movement.

Over the course of the two-day fellowship, MILPA will empower participants through a broad array of collaborative exercises, topics and strategies. Fellows will uncover and cultivate their inherent power to effect change, and will recognize the ways lived experience can inform decision making at the highest levels. The MILPA Cencalli (Family) appreciates you and your dedication to the reform movement. Special acknowledgement to Rosa Gonzalez, Maestro Jerry Tello, Marcia Rincon-Gallardo, Maestro Robert Castro, Maestra Linda Larios, Uncle Al Palisca and many others, for their inspiration kindness and guidance.

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