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Collaborations and Commissions

Building broad consensus on policy initiatives by working in partnership with criminal justice stakeholders. 

CJCJ participates in several collaborative initiatives and partners with other stakeholders, including legislators, correctional administrators, district attorney offices, defender advocates, community-based organizations, other policy advocates, and civil rights groups. Additionally, CJCJ staff have been appointed to several local governmental bodies.

San Francisco Reentry Council

From 2005 until 2008, two ad hoc reentry councils focused on different aspects of people returning from prisons and jails to San Francisco communities: the Safe Communities Reentry Council (SCRC), co-chaired by then-Board of Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and Public Defender Jeff Adachi, and the San Francisco Reentry Council (SFRC), co-chaired by then-District Attorney Kamala D. Harris and then-Sheriff Michael Hennessey. In September of 2008, these ad hoc councils were unified and strengthened through the creation of the Reentry Council of the City and County of San Francisco. The Council was created through the San Francisco Administrative Code by establishing Ordinance 215-08 and 26-09, and amended by Ordinance 44-11.

Gerald Miller serving on the Reentry Council

The purpose of the San Francisco Reentry Council is to coordinate local efforts to support individuals returning from San Francisco County Jail, San Francisco juvenile justice out-of-home placements, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation institutions, and the United States Federal Bureau of Prison facilities. The Council is comprised of 23 members including a variety of governmental and justice leaders, as well as several formerly incarcerated individuals both appointed by the Mayor and Board of Supervisors. CJCJ’s Director of Adult Community-Based Programs, Gerald Miller was appointed in 2009 to his second term on the Reentry Council as a Board of Supervisors appointee.

San Francisco Sentencing Commission

In January 2012 the San Francisco Sentencing Commission was envision through the innovation and leadership of San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón. The Commission was created as an advisory body to make recommendations for sentencing reforms that advance public safety and utilize best practices in criminal justice. The Commission was created through the San Francisco Administrative Code by adding Article 25, Sections 5.250 through 5.250-3.

Kate McCracken, SF Reentry Council appointee

This unique Commission includes a diverse membership that ensures representations of City and County partners directly involved in the criminal justice system and those individuals who have contact with it. CJCJ’s Director of Policy and Development, Kate McCracken is the San Francisco Reentry Council’s appointee. This appointment is for a representative of a non-profit organization that serves formerly incarcerated individuals. This body is designed to analyze local sentencing patterns and outcomes and to make recommendations for sentencing reforms that advance public safety and utilize best practices in criminal justice.

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