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New Lenses for Positive ChangeNew Lenses for Positive Change

Blog, Juvenile Justice—CJCJ's Katrina Han discusses the need for thoughtful and deliberate juvenile justice intervention strategies.

Probation Reports: What we can learn from the 'most important' documents in the criminal justice system

Newsroom, Juvenile Justice—The North Coast Journal explores the importance about pre-sentence investigation reports. Execuvite Director, Daniel Macallair, discusses this in detail in the article.

A Survey of Key Juvenile Justice Legislation for CaliforniaA Survey of Key Juvenile Justice Legislation for California

Blog, Juvenile Justice—Public safety issues are especially challenging given the state’s ongoing prison overcrowding crisis and the ever-evolving juvenile justice system. Yet, 2014 already brings some exceptional… Continue

Why Statistical Bigotry Is Just Bigotry, Round 2

Blog, Social Justice, Political Landscape—Chronicle columnist Chip Johnson shows once again how statistics are misused to justify prejudicial policing

Racial Disparity in Juvenile Facilities Increased as Overall Incarceration Plummeted, Report Says

Newsroom, Juvenile Justice—CJCJ's Executive Director Dan Macallair highlights the need for local community-based service organizations.

Missouri's Innovative Concept Academy: One Powerful IdeaMissouri's Innovative Concept Academy: One Powerful Idea

Blog, Model Local Practices—The Innovative Concept Academy in St. Louis City, Missouri shows how one powerful idea can come to life when you are willing to think outside the box and challenge the status quo.

Kicked Out of School for Not Being “Feminine” Enough

Blog, Social Justice—Girls growing up face hurdles concerning gender identity and this bears directly to what they face upon entering the juvenile justice system.

Justice Policy Journal – Volume 11, Number 1 – Spring 2014

Volume 11, Justice Policy Journal—Articles on the nexus between immigration and criminal justice, disproportionate justice-involvement among the American Indian population, and modern developments in prison architecture and design.

San Francisco’s Sheriff implements ObamacareSan Francisco’s Sheriff implements Obamacare

Blog, Model Local Practices, Correctional Institutions—Sheriff Mirkarimi discusses his plans to implement the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in San Francisco.

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