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Ferguson and the militarization of the police

Blog, Social Justice—"The behavior of the police in Ferguson, were it conducted by soldiers or Marines in Iraq or Afghanistan, would be viewed as violations of the Rules of Engagement and result in Court Martials."

Who Are Police Killing?Who Are Police Killing?

Blog, Social Justice—Over the last four decades, some 15,000 Americans have been killed by law enforcement officers. Native Americans are most at risk, followed by African Americans.

Violence Prevention has a New ChampionViolence Prevention has a New Champion

Blog, Social Justice—After seven amazing years of dedicated work, Kate McCracken, CJCJ’s Director of Policy and Development, will be moving her efforts into a specific violence prevention role as a Senior Planner… Continue

After Realignment: A need for proportional sentencing and treatment programsAfter Realignment: A need for proportional sentencing and treatment programs

Blog, Sentencing—In a post-Realignment era, enacting sentences proportional to crimes and treatment programs are the next step in addressing concerns about increasing jail populations and public safety.

Is California Finally Figuring Out Drugs?Is California Finally Figuring Out Drugs?

Blog, Drug Policy—"No state has embraced both illegal drugs and the official wars thereon like California," writes Mike Males. After a roller coaster half-century, the state may finally be on its way to good drug… Continue

Clearing the Path Ahead: One Step Towards Improving Reentry in CaliforniaClearing the Path Ahead: One Step Towards Improving Reentry in California

Blog, Drug Policy—California recently lifted the ban on access to welfare for people with felony drug convictions. Though a strong step in the right direction, many obstacles remain for this vulnerable population.

Board of State and Community Corrections Meeting July 10, 2014

Publications, Political Landscape—Unofficial notes from the meeting, taken by CJCJ's Brian Goldstein.

July Newsletter: Advancing Alternatives to IncarcerationJuly Newsletter: Advancing Alternatives to Incarceration

Publications—In Fresno, a community-based approach to pretrial reform; Expert helps Cameo House strengthen its women-centered approach; A new approach for juvenile facilities in California.

CJCJ in the news: Little-known Agency Central to Criminal Justice Reform

Correctional Institutions—CJCJ's Brian Goldstein comments on the importance of the BSCC — "arguably the most powerful corrections body in the state."

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