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CJCJ in the news: You can’t blame immigrants for gun violence

Newsroom, Political Landscape—CJCJ's Mike Males on the truth about gun violence, gun control, and youth of color.

A New Approach for Juvenile Facilities in California

Blog, Correctional Institutions—California's Board of State and Community Corrections makes critical decisions on the future of the state's justice-involved youth — and the public is beginning to pay attention.

CJCJ in the news: As Juvenile Arrests Plummet, California Still Investing in Incarceration Facilities

Newsroom, Political Landscape—The Chronicle of Social Change highlights advocacy by CJCJ and others to use state funds for local innovative programming-based juvenile justice facilities.

Scapegoating the Poor

Blog, Social Justice—The story of a single working mother who faces a decade in prison for allowing her daughter to play in a park unsupervised demonstrates our foolish reliance on incarceration and punishment as a way… Continue

Violence Forecast: Sunny with an Occasional Hail of Bullets

Blog, Political Landscape—Violence trends make fools of its debaters — or would, if anyone called them to account.

More money, more beds?

Blog, Political Landscape—Kate McCracken discusses the upcoming allocation of $80 million dollars in construction funding for juvenile facilities in California, and suggests the state think outside the box.

Who's Really Dying from Guns in the United States?Who's Really Dying from Guns in the United States?

Blog—32,351 Americans died from gunfire in 2011. Nearly half of them were older white men shooting themselves.

Who's Threatening Murrieta's "Safety"?

Blog, Social Justice—A California city's mayor and shouting protestors claim 140 Latino women and child immigrants threaten their town's "safety." The city's own crime statistics suggest otherwise.

Cracking the Racial Disparity for Cocaine SentencingCracking the Racial Disparity for Cocaine Sentencing

Blog, Drug Policy—By equalizing treatment and punishment for crack and powder cocaine, Sen. Mitchell's SB 1010 recognizes drug abuse as a health issue and promotes racial equality.

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