Policy Analysis

Promoting effective public safety interventions, CJCJ’s policy team conducts and disseminates data-driven research on local, state, and national justice policies and practices.

CJCJ Senior Policy Manager Maureen Washburn

Policy makers, journalists, researchers, practitioners, and the public regularly utilize CJCJ’s publications to inform the public safety dialogue in California and nationwide.

For more information, please contact Brian Goldstein at (415) 621-5661 ext. 102 or brian@cjcj.org.

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California Sentencing Institute
An interactive map presenting detailed crime and incarceration numbers, rates, and trends for California and each of its 58 counties.

Model Local Practices
Individualized, culturally responsive services demonstrate successful long-term outcomes with high-needs, high-risk populations.

Shifting responsibility for serving low-level adult and high-needs juvenile offender populations from the state to the county level.

Justice by Geography
County-by-county analyses reflect disparate applications of justice policy in California. 

Sentencing Reform
Data-driven sentencing reform is essential in the pursuit of a fair and effective justice system.

Social Justice
Socio-economic factors increase likelihood of exposure to the justice system.

Drug Policy
Drug War policies have led to racially disparate arrest and incarceration trends in California and nationwide. 

Political Landscape
Special interest groups heavily influence justice policy in California.

Collaborations and Commissions
Building broad consensus on policy initiatives by working in partnership with criminal justice stakeholders.

Brian Goldstein, Director of Policy and Development
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