California Sentencing Institute now shows 2016 trends

CJCJ’s California Sentencing Institute (CASI) interactive map now shows annual criminal and juvenile justice statistics from 2016, the most recent year available. The map provides users with county-by-county visual comparisons illustrating law enforcement practices, incarceration rates, and trends over eight years. Data included in CASI maps are available to download.

Given the shift in criminal justice policies stemming from Public Safety Realignment, juvenile justice realignment, Proposition 47, and Proposition 57, the CASI map’s county-level analysis provides a useful visual tool for understanding how each of California’s 58 counties are implementing statewide policy changes.

Adult trends

Adult CASI Findings on State prison population and Imprisonment costs

Key findings:

Juvenile Trends

Juvenile CASI findings on Juvenile felony arrest rate and State confinement rate

Key findings:

Note: When reviewing the 2016 juvenile CASI map, it is important to note that many of California’s small counties have small estimated youth populations (ages 10-17) and very few juvenile felony arrests. This will cause incarceration rates per juvenile felony arrest to be higher, though the real numbers may be small.

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