New Report: A Guide to Supporting Justice-Involved Youth during Reentry

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SAN FRANCISCO - February 27, 2019 - A new practical guide written for juvenile justice and social service practitioners by the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) supports youth returning to the community from confinement or incarceration. The guide offers information about community-based approaches that meet youths’ needs in areas such as housing, health, education, and employment.

During confinement, a young person faces exposure to trauma as well as isolation from their support system, school, and community. This guide, ?made possible by generous support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, recognizes the high social costs of incarceration on youth and their families and emphasizes meaningful engagement with directly-impacted individuals during the reentry process.

Reentry supports, which should begin when a youth is committed to a correctional facility rather than when they are released, includes aftercare planning, family reunification, mentorship, and job preparation. Practitioners can utilize the supplementary PowerPoint presentation to share information about the reentry supports and model approaches discussed in this publication.

The report discusses:

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