New Report: DJJ Fails to Protect Youth Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO – November 12, 2020 – A new fact sheet by the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) finds that California’s state youth correctional system, the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), is failing to respond sufficiently to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on youths’ safety.

In the summer of 2020, the virus spread rapidly through DJJ’s three large correctional facilities – growing from one positive case to over 60 in about seven weeks. DJJ and the prison system that oversees it, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), have made grave mistakes in responding to the pandemic. To date, 91 deaths and over 20,000 COVID-19 cases have occurred inside CDCR institutions. This fact sheet warns of ongoing issues at DJJ, including isolation, inconsistent COVID-19 precautions, and detrimental cuts to programming that affect all youth inside DJJ facilities.

CJCJ has tracked COVID-19 at DJJ since the pandemic’s start and conducted extensive research on the summer outbreak. The authors developed their findings through information gathering, data analysis, and meetings with DJJ administrators, attorneys, families, and staff.

Reported youth COVID-19 cases in California’s Division of Juvenile Justice, Summer 2020

Note: Some intermediate data points may be missing as data needed to be retrieved and recorded manually from DJJ’s website on a daily basis.

The fact sheet finds:

COVID-19 is a life-threatening illness that has killed hundreds of young people across the United States and impacted the health of countless more. As the risk of another large-scale COVID-19 outbreak continues to mount, DJJ has resumed admitting youth from across the state, in defiance of best practices.

California must substantially improve DJJ’s COVID-19 response to meet youths’ basic physical, mental, social-emotional, and educational needs. DJJ’s first outbreak is not only a snapshot of past failure, but a warning that the state must act now to protect youth, staff, and their families.

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