Realignment and Crime in 2014: California's Violent Crime in Decline

2014 Crime Rates Drop to Below Pre-Realignment Levels

CJCJ's new report analyzes the increased Realigned population’s effect on county crime – shows no relationship.

new report from the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice examines the impact of Public Safety Realignment on county crime given newly produced 2014 data. CJCJ finds no causal relationship between Realignment and changes in rates of reported Part I offenses.

This report builds on CJCJ's previous county-level analyses finding that no definitive conclusions can be drawn about the impact, if any, of Realignment on crime at this time. Instead, this report highlights nine “model counties” that have shown uniquely large decreases in reliance on state prisons alongside uniquely large reductions in property, violent, and total crime. Policymakers should study the measures taken in these nine counties to better implement effective and safe statewide decarceration strategies.

Read the full report: Realignment and Crime in 2014: California’s Violent Crime in Decline >>

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