Save Cameo House: Help Protect San Francisco’s Most Vulnerable Women and Their Children!
We need your help! Learn 3 ways YOU can support CJCJ's Cameo House.
San Francisco’s crime rates fall while Sacramento’s “tough-on-crime” DA presides over rising violence
San Francisco has seen major decreases in crime amid progressive reforms, while nearby Sacramento…
Some Teens Are Depressed for a Reason. Many Are Victims of Domestic Abuse.
How did the CDC, authorities, and nearly all media reports miss this bombshell finding?
Honoring the Memory of William Bud Brown
April 2022, California lost William Bud Brown, a dear friend and source of inspiration for many,…
New Report: Prop 47 Offers a $600M Lifeline to Vulnerable Californians
Prop 47 has reinvested over half a billion dollars from expensive, overcrowded prisons into…

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