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CJCJ Exposes Inaccurate Media Reports

Recently, CJCJ has cultivated many policy reports and articles surrounding issues within the juvenile justice system.  Through these recent publications CJCJ exposes inaccurate media reports through the utilization of data and policy analysis.

This month Executive Director Daniel Macallair was featured in both the LA Times and California Progress Report reflecting on California's current budget crisis and the state's inablity to continue to support a youth correctional system that has been referred to as a "system that is broken almost everywhere you look."  These two reports provide high-quality analysis of the state's inability to continue to maintain facilities for only 1% of the youthful offender population at a staggering $383 million dollar budget.

CJCJ Senior Research Fellow Mike Males conducted two thorough analyses to debunk two different theories on youthful violence and crime.  His article "Myth of Mean Girls," co-authored with Meda Chesney-Lind, featured in the New York Times, explores the media's attempt to protray young girls as bullies.  Mr. Males further explores youth crimes in a recent CJCJ publication titled, "".  His research indicates data on youth violence and crime is quite contrary to various news stories.

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