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CJCJ Newsletter - Interact with new 2012 juvenile justice data

CJCJ Newsletter November 2013 - Interact with new 2012 juvenile justice data

Due to governmental budget constraints and leadership priorities, county sentencing data are often slow to trickle in and difficult for the public to access. That's why CJCJ developed the California Sentencing Institute - a one-stop site displaying sentencing and incarceration trends for youths and adults, and including downloadable raw data files. 

Now, CJCJ is happy to announce that 2012 data is released and available >>

CASI map

To view information about the data used and recent changes to the site visit our new features: known data limitations and adjustments and change log.

2012 trends show a continued decrease in youth crime statewide and a decreased reliance on the state's youth correctional facilities. However, counties also continue to demonstrate significantly varied patterns of detention and local capacity to serve justice-involved youth.

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California Sentencing
Institute (CASI)

Explore how California’s 58 counties send their residents to correctional institutions with interactive maps, charts, and downloadable data.

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