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Save Cameo House: Help Protect San Francisco’s Most Vulnerable Women and Their Children!

We need your help! Learn 3 ways YOU can support CJCJ's Cameo House.

San Francisco’s crime rates fall while Sacramento’s “tough-on-crime” DA presides over rising violence

San Francisco has seen major decreases in crime amid progressive reforms, while nearby Sacramento is experiencing a homicide and violence surge under the leadership of its conservative prosecutor.

Some Teens Are Depressed for a Reason. Many Are Victims of Domestic Abuse.

How did the CDC, authorities, and nearly all media reports miss this bombshell finding?

Honoring the Memory of William Bud Brown

April 2022, California lost William Bud Brown, a dear friend and source of inspiration for many, including the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice. We honor Bud's life and his legacy.

New Report: Prop 47 Offers a $600M Lifeline to Vulnerable Californians

Prop 47 has reinvested over half a billion dollars from expensive, overcrowded prisons into low-cost, high-impact prevention programs.

New Report: San Franciscans Spend More And Get Less From Their Police Department Than Most Major CA Cities

A new report finds San Francisco’s $689M police budget fails to solve crimes, over-arrests Black residents, and reports faulty data.

Cameo House Families Receive Permanent Housing, and More!

CJCJ organizes statewide action amid DJJ's catastrophic COVID-19 outbreak, 3 Cameo House families receive permanent housing, and CJCJ's Justice Policy Journal spotlights new research.

Conditions in California’s DJJ are deteriorating in the lead-up to closure. Its proposed budget ignores these challenges.

In early January, Governor Gavin Newsom released his proposed budget for the 2022-23 Fiscal Year. It included a staggering $200 million for the soon-to-close Division of Juvenile Justice. 

Justice Policy Journal - Volume 18, Number 2 – Fall 2021

Articles include: The Disproportionality of Drug Laws, Abolishing Consensus Criminology, Public Attitudes of Sex Offense Registration, Visitation Policies in Juvenile Residential Facilities, and Focused Deterrence and Social Service Provision.

TAKE ACTION: Protect Youth at DJJ Amid Dangerous COVID-19 Surge

California is failing to keep youth safe amid a catastrophic COVID-19 outbreak at DJJ. Join us in standing up for youth by participating in a statewide action.

CJCJ wishes you a happy New Year!

To begin a new chapter in 2022, please join CJCJ as we reflect on the past year filled with dedicated service and community collaboration!

Apply Now for the 2022 Next Generation Fellowship!

APPLY TODAY: Harness your power and lived experience through the Next Generation Fellowship for justice-involved organizers!     

Herd journalism and the phony San Francisco “shoplifting epidemic”

Some wrongly criticize San Francisco’s important justice reforms. Would they prefer Kern County's tough-on-crime policies: Worse crime, more incarceration, and $270+ million costs?

This #GivingTuesday, Support Family Unity and Healing

Join CJCJ on this national day of giving so we can support San Francisco's most vulnerable families.

California Must Safeguard Youth in State Facilities Amid New COVID-19 Outbreaks

Once again, California must move quickly to halt the spread of COVID-19 within the state’s youth correctional institutions, the Division of Juvenile Justice.

New Report: Poor Conditions in California Youth Prisons as Closure Nears

A new report finds disturbing conditions inside California’s Division of Juvenile Justice, including suicide risks, staff shortages, and significant cuts to rehabilitative programs.

CJCJ's Cameo House Thrives, Children's Book Launch, and More!

CJCJ celebrates Cameo House funding successes, and uplifting children's book by CJCJ team member supports families, CJCJ youth program cuts serious recidivism by half.

Children's Book Launch: Support Families Impacted by Incarceration!

Join CJCJ in San Francisco or virtually on Sunday, November 7th (11am - 12:30pm PST) as we celebrate the release of a new children's book about a boy who heals with his family's help while his mom is far from home!

California’s Crime Rate Falls to a Record Low in 2020, High Reliance on Incarceration not Linked to Lower Crime

A new report finds that California’s crime rate declined amid several major criminal justice reforms.

Crime trends and violence worse in California’s Republican-voting counties than Democratic-voting counties

California's Republican-voting counties exceed Democratic counties in homicide and other violent death, reported crime, criminal arrest, drug and alcohol death, gun death, and incarceration rates.

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