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California’s Crime Rate Falls to a Record Low in 2020, High Reliance on Incarceration not Linked to Lower Crime

A new report finds that California’s crime rate declined amid several major criminal justice reforms.

Crime trends and violence worse in California’s Republican-voting counties than Democratic-voting counties

California's Republican-voting counties exceed Democratic counties in homicide and other violent death, reported crime, criminal arrest, drug and alcohol death, gun death, and incarceration rates.

Youth Recidivism Halved by San Francisco Program

The Crime Report highlights CJCJ's Detention Diversion Advocacy Program (DDAP), citing its success found in a recent independent evaluation.

CJCJ’s Detention Diversion Advocacy Program (DDAP) significantly reduces youth recidivism

A brand-new evaluation of CJCJ’s DDAP finds that participation in this model diversion program cuts a youth’s risk of further juvenile justice system involvement.

We Need Your Voice to Protect People in California’s Jails!

CJCJ and our partners want to hear your experiences, concerns, and solutions to strengthen California’s regulations for county jails.

Celebrating Cameo House Families, New Research, and More!

CJCJ News: CJCJ’s Cameo House gathers to celebrate families, California’s youth deserve justice reinvestment, and new Justice Policy Journal issue offers insights.

CJCJ Executive Director Dan Macallair on Closing California's Youth Prisons

CJCJ's Executive Director Dan Macallair speaks with The California Report as California's Division of Juvenile Justice passes into history.

California’s State Youth Correctional System Will Pass into History

Beginning today, California will wind down its infamous Division of Juvenile Justice by limiting new youth commitments.

New Report: California Urban Crime Declined in 2020 Amid Social and Economic Upheaval

In 2020, a year defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, the crime rate in California’s 72 largest cities declined by an average of 7 percent, falling to a historic low level.

The New York Times fabricates a nonexistent shoplifting wave in San Francisco, then wrongly blames it on criminal justice reforms and the city’s supposed soft-on-crime image

If San Francisco’s shoplifting rate has plummeted to its lowest level in at least 45 years, why did the New York Times see fit to print an article sensationalizing a supposed “surge” in shoplifting?

Cameo House Celebrates Families’ Strength on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, program participants and staff of CJCJ’s Cameo House gathered for a special celebration to honor the strength of our community and families.

Justice Policy Journal - Volume 18, Number 1 – Spring 2021

Articles on addressing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs); the importance of collaboration between police and mental health professionals; and assessing risk factors in justice-involved youth. 

Save Cameo House, CJCJ Legislative Success, and More!

CJCJ News: Cameo House is a refuge for families amid the pandemic, CJCJ sponsors a bill to reinvest $100M+ in youth services, and CJCJ monitors conditions in California's Division of Juvenile Justice.

The PROMYSE Act (SB 493) Successfully Passes Senate Public Safety Committee

Critical legislation, co-sponsored by CJCJ and partners, to reinvest hundreds of millions in health-focused and community-based youth services advances out of first policy committee.

Youth Filed Fewer Complaints Amid the Pandemic. Is DJJ's Grievance Process Broken?

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed troubling flaws in the grievance process for youth confined in California’s state-run juvenile justice facilities.

Save Cameo House: Help Protect San Francisco’s Most Vulnerable Women and Their Children!

We urgently need your support to keep Cameo House open so CJCJ can continue serving our community.

The PROMYSE Act Paves the Way for California's Youth

Today, Senator Bradford introduced legislation to re-invest hundreds of millions in health-focused and community-based youth services.

Decades of Abuse at California’s DJJ Will End in 2023

The proposed 2021-22 state budget finalizes plans for the closure of California’s barbaric state youth correctional system, the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).

CA Legislators Call for Youth Releases Amid COVID-19 Outbreak at DJJ

CJCJ stands behind more than a dozen state legislators in urging Governor Newsom to take swift action on the COVID-19 crisis at the state’s youth correctional system, the Division of Juvenile Justice.

CJCJ Warns of COVID-19 Outbreak at DJJ, and More

CJCJ Report Warns of Second Major COVID-19 Outbreak in DJJ; Expanding our Juvenile Justice Services to Support Youth; Help Strengthen Families Impacted by Incarceration.

Justice Policy Journal - Volume 17, Number 2 – Fall 2020

Articles on attitudes towards Ban the Box; the multidimensional struggle of family separation on male migrant workers; the foster-care-to-prison pipeline; extending the school-to-prison pipeline; NIMBY syndrome among Colorado and Washington dispensary owners and managers; the effects of the death penalty on state-level murder rates.

Report Update: COVID-19 Cases Surging in CA Youth Prisons

COVID-19 cases inside the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) increased sevenfold in July. Now, another dangerous outbreak is putting youth at risk.

This #GivingTuesday, help strengthen families impacted by incarceration

Your tax-deductible gift will provide youth and families with the support they need through the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Report: DJJ Fails to Protect Youth Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 cases inside the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) increased sevenfold in July. Meanwhile, California is failing to prevent another dangerous outbreak.

High Prop 20 Costs, Re-entry Conference, and More!

CJCJ report finds Prop 20 would fuel racial injustice, CJCJ team member leads community development, and CJCJ directors present at a reentry conference.

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