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California Program Trains Much-needed Justice-involved Leaders

CJCJ's Communications and Policy Analyst Renee Menart authors an Op-Ed in the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) about the importance of justice-involved leaders on the path toward meaningful reform.

Former police officer goes on trial for killing unarmed 15-year-old

The Washington Post quotes CJCJ's Senior Research Fellow Mike Males in an article on the impact and prevalence of police shootings during the trial of an officer in Dallas.

Youth curfews don’t work, open towns to costly lawsuits

The Press of Atlantic City quotes CJCJ's Senior Research Fellow Mike Males in an article on the deficiencies of youth curfews.

Direct File of Youth to Adult Court: Gone and Unlamented as Youth Arrests Fall to All-time Low in 2017

The abolition of direct file in California has resulted in more selective and less political decisions by judges, rather than by prosecutors, to better meet the individualized needs court-involved youth.

As the criminal justice reform movement grows, District Attorney Mike Hestrin reaches out to local youth

The Desert Sun highlights research by the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, citing crime trends on the California Sentencing Institute.

Cheering on the Giants, Next Generation Fellows, and More!

CJCJ’s team goes out to the ball game to celebrate new shared workspace, the Next Generation Fellows train to transform justice and build community, and CJCJ Director Gerald Miller speaks on a panel to improve young adult reentry.

Busting the Myth of Immigrant Crime

CJCJ Senior Research Fellow Mike Males authors a commentary article in Yes! Magazine on immigration, which analyzes violence in white communities compared to diverse sanctuary communities.

California, Like Other States, Needs Independent Monitor to Solidify Reform, Ward Off Abuses

CJCJ Policy Analyst Maureen Washburn authors an Op-Ed in the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) about California's Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), which has been mired in scandal for much of its history and requires independent monitoring to hold the system accountable.

Intersectionality, Complexity of California Juvenile Justice Dramatized in ‘The 57 Bus’

CJCJ's Director of Policy and Development Brian Goldstein authors an Op-Ed on the complexities of youth in our juvenile justice system through the lens of "The 57 Bus: A True Story of Two Teenagers and the Crime that Changed Their Lives" by Dashka Slater.

Curfews still controversial, but they can pack big fines quotes CJCJ's Senior Research Fellow Mike Males in an article on youth curfews: their ineffectiveness as a model of crime prevention and damaging impacts for young people.

Curfews still controversial, but they can pack big fines quotes CJCJ Senior Research Fellow Mike Males on the dangers of youth curfew policies, which criminalize youth without improving community safety.

Justice-Involved Voters Bring Critical Voices to Community Decision-Making

With over 6 million people barred from voting on Election Day through felony disenfranchisement policies, their communities are left without the voting power to access resources and address their needs. Opportunities for civic engagement, including voting, among justice-involved individuals can bring us closer to solutions.

Governor Brown’s Final Budget Delivers Wins and Losses for Youth Justice

In the FY 2018-19 budget, California makes prudent new investments in community-based youth but fails to modernize the state’s juvenile justice data bank and needlessly expands the troubled state youth correctional system.

Adventures for Youth, Sponsored Bill Success, and More!

CJCJ youth take an exciting trip to California's Great America amusement park, Co-Sponsored bill to protect young children moves forward in the California Legislature, and an opportunity to support CJCJ’s transition to a new home.

California’s County Jails Show Population Reductions Amid Statewide Prison Reform

Despite initial fears that reductions in prison populations would rebound to counties by increasing jail populations, statewide prison reform now appears to be a model for “jail reform.”

Justice Policy Journal - Volume 15, Number 1 - Spring 2018

Articles on social media responses to false confessions, civil and criminal forfeitures, police use of force on juvenile arrestees, recidivism among older adults, and more.

Youth Success on Probation, New Report, and More!
CJCJ celebrates the success of its Probation Enrichment Program, a new report investigates how CA counties spend millions intended for youth, and Cameo House residents learn about their voting rights and civic engagement.
California’s ‘Close to Home’ Programs Must Invest in Communities, Not Corrections

CJCJ Communications and Policy Analyst Renee Menart authors an Op-Ed in the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) about two California grant programs that provide nearly $280M for local services, and how these funds can be better spent through community-based programming.

Building Collective Power for a Better Future

Tina Curiel-Allen–a writer, poet, community leader, and Next Generation Fellow–offers a glimpse into her past, the challenges she faced during re-entry, and her hopes for the future.

Leadership through Adversity

Cristian Franco, a youth mentor and community advocate, discusses the power of sharing your story and the ways the Next Generation Fellowship helped as he shaped his own.

Pathways from Youth Prisons to Colleges for Young Adults

Dr. Young-Alfaro's recent study, which follows ten young adults attending college after incarceration, finds college success linked to participation in student-led groups and activism.

New Report: California Juvenile Justice Funding in Five Bay Area Counties Shows Opportunity for Reinvestment

A new CJCJ report investigates how California's counties spend millions meant to serve youth locally and finds spending priorities that are out of step with juvenile justice trends and best practices.

From Sitting in Detention to Standing in Culture

2017 Next Generation Fellow, Brayan Pelayo, shares his journey from childhood to community leadership. Brayan works to help transform the justice system into one that provides structural opportunities for racial equality and social justice.

CJCJ’s Exciting Transition, New Fact Sheet, and More!

Cameo House upgrade project will bring CJCJ programs together, new fact sheet finds local juvenile facilities can absorb state system, and CJCJ youth joins peers at San Francisco’s Youth Advocacy Day.

Youth Much Less Likely to Shoot or Be Shot Now, No Thanks to Adults

CJCJ Senior Research Fellow Mike Males pens an Op-Ed on decreased gun violence among youth in major cities across the U.S. amid the nation's continued atrocities of gun violence and mass shootings.

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