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Probation Reports: What we can learn from the 'most important' documents in the criminal justice system
The North Coast Journal explores the importance about pre-sentence investigation reports. Execuvite Director, Daniel Macallair, discusses this in detail in the article.
Racial Disparity in Juvenile Facilities Increased as Overall Incarceration Plummeted, Report Says
CJCJ's Executive Director Dan Macallair highlights the need for local community-based service organizations.
Whatever Happened to the Ad War on Drugs?
CJCJ's Mike Males is featured in Advertising Age and highlights the problems with commercials created by Partnership at
Brian Goldstein's testimony at Assembly Select Committee on Justice Reinvestment
Brian Goldstein, CJCJ's Policy Analyst, provides testimony to the Assembly Select Committee on Justice Reinvestment on March 18, 2014.
California's Radical De-Incarceration Experiment
Mike Males discusses California's deincarceration movement in the California Progress Report.
OP-ED: The Teenage Brain, New Science or the Same Old Prejudice?
Senior Research Fellow Mike Males explores youth development, behavior, and prejudice in an Op-ed featured in the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.
'Audrie's Law' targets rapes of passed-out teens
Senate Bill 838, "Audrie's Law" would expand the ability of prosecutors to unilaterally charge youth as adults. Is this another example of knee-jerk policy?
Lawyers help troubled S.F. youths stay in class, out of jail
In partnership with the San Francisco Public Defender's Office, CJCJ operates the Legal Advocacy Education Program (LEAP) to help at-risk youth obtain educational success.
CJCJ's LEAP program receives 34th annual Good Government award on March 11, 2014. The LEAP team includes CJCJ's Board member Patti Lee and LEAP Advocate Marc Babus.
California's Urban Violent Crime Rate Falls in First Half of 2013
CJCJ released a fact sheet today using new FBI crime data for the first six months of 2013.
OP-ED: Are Teenage Crime Proneness and Adolescent Risk Taking Obsolete Myths?
Mike Males, Senior Research Fellow is Op-ed is featured in the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.
Dan Walters: Brown Gets Win on Prisons, But Political Angst Continues
The Sacramento Bee's Dan Walters highlights a new report by CJCJ that finds no conclusive causal trend between Realignment and recent crime trends.
Millions of new dollars to fight Chicago "youth violence" -- but no new ideas
The new Get In Chicago partnership is raising tens of millions of dollars to "tackle juvenile violence" and wants "fresh approaches." Our first suggestion: stop tackling "juvenile violence" and start…
California Counties, Realignment, and Crime Trends: 58 Different Stories
California Progress Report features an Op-ed by Senior Research Fellow, Mike Males, discussing CJCJ's January 2014 report on Realignment and crime.
Conflicting Reports
The North Coast Journal references CJCJ's new Realignment report that finds no direct connection between Realignment and violent crime rates.
Don’t Blame Realignment for Crime Spike
Beyond Chron highlights a new CJCJ report on the impact of Realignment on California's crime rates.
Philip Seymour Hoffmann and the middle-aged drug epidemic
Celebrated actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death at age 46 from an apparent heroin overdose is yet another indictment of the ongoing failure of drug war officials.
CJCJ Newsletter - AB 109 Realignment and crime: No statewide pattern
New analysis of 2012 data shows no correlation between public safety realignment and crime, Cameo House in the news, and a thank you to our generous donors!
No link between California’s Prison Realignment and increased crime, study says
The Long Beach Press Telegram highlights a new CJCJ report that finds little evidence of a connection between Realignment and increased crime rates.
Report: Rising auto thefts in Monterey County may not be related to prison realignment
The Monterey Herald reports on CJCJ's recent analysis of crime trends in post-Realignment California.
Study: Can't link crime increases to realignment
News media article highlighting CJCJ's recent report on Realignment and crime.
OP-ED: Pretending to “Care About Kids”—But Really Caring About Pot
Mike Males discusses the scapegoating of youth to promote the national drug policy dialogue.
Out of the Darkness: For Inmates Released Late at Night, Change May Be Coming
Danielle Evans, Director of Women's Services, discusses the need for coordinated reentry planning for individuals exiting local jails.
OP-ED: A New Year and New Opportunity for Policy Reform in California
CJCJ's Policy Analyst, Brian Goldstein, discusses California's public policy priorities in 2014.
OP-ED: A New Approach Needed for Byrne-JAG Funding in California
CJCJ's Policy Analyst, Brian Goldstein, discusses Byrne-JAG funding in California.

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