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Should Young People Be Banished from Public?
It’s for their own protection, leaders say, claiming “studies” show youth-control laws “prevent crime” and “save lives.” But do they? A critique of recent…
The Dark Side of “Brain Science”: Manufacturing Teenage Crime
Governor Brown should veto the “smoking age” bill. Like other useless “status offenses,” it will contribute to thousands more arrests and higher unemployment among young…
KPFA 94.1-FM Berkeley: Fresno Legislator Seeks Changes To Prop. 47
Assem. Jim Patterson seeks to amend Prop. 47 based on claims that it increased crime. KFPA interviews Mike Males about CJCJ's new report finding no definitive correlation between Prop. 47 and crime.
$250 Million Proposed for Jail Construction Raises Questions from the Legislature
The California Assembly Committee questions the need for an additional $250 Million in local adult facility construction funding.
CJCJ in the news: Black People Twice As Likely To Be Arrested For Pot In Colorado And Washington — Where It’s Legal
Think Progress covers Mike Males's data findings that racial disparities in marijuana-related arrests still exist in legalization states.
CJCJ in the news: More Blacks Still Going to Jail for Marijuana Despite Legalization
High Times looks at various reports, including data from CJCJ's Mike Males, finding racial disparities for marijuana-related arrests in legalization states.
CJCJ in the news: Weed Legalization Can’t Seem to Fix One Thing: Racial Gaps in Drug Arrests
Mic picks up data analysis from CJCJ's Mike Males showing a continued racial disparity in marijuana-related arrests, even in legalization states.
CJCJ in the news: Pot legalization hasn’t done anything to shrink the racial gap in drug arrests
The Washington Post reviews findings by CJCJ's Mike Males which show that, despite the huge drops in marijuana-related arrests in both Washington and Colorado, the pot arrest rate for…
New Report! Is Proposition 47 to Blame for California's 2015 Increase in Urban Crime?
A new CJCJ report by Mike Males finds no obvious effects associated with Prop. 47 that would be expected if the reform measure had produced a consistent impact on crime.
CJCJ in the news: Native Americans; A Forgotten Minority in US Presidential Campaign
Voice of America highlights Mike Males's finding that Native Americans are disparately likely to be killed by law enforcement.
CJCJ in the news: Why a 'smoking age' of 21 is a bad idea
Mike Males writes an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times showing that the implementation of these "protective" laws actually disrupt positive youth trends.
Spotlight on New Juvenile and Criminal Justice Legislation
Newly proposed legislation would preserve access to in-person visitation, strengthen juvenile data collection, and involve law enforcement officers in diversion.
Board of State and Community Corrections Meeting November 12, 2015
Unofficial meeting minutes from the November 2015 BSCC meeting.
CJCJ in the news: Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton Accepted Almost the Same Amount of Prison Lobbyist Donations
The Huffington Post reports on Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio receiving campaign contributions from private prison lobbies, and cites CJCJ statistics showing racial disparities in the justice system.
January Newsletter: Proposed Ballot Initiative to Repeal Direct File
CJCJ offers a new free resource for youth, KQED's Forum interviews CJCJ Executive Director Daniel Macallair , and Governor Brown announces new ballot initiative to repeal direct file.
2016-17 budget continues California's dependency on incarceration
$250 million for adult facility construction funding and increased funding to DJJ, but only $29.3 million in Prop. 47 savings?
CJCJ in the news: California prison reforms have reduced inmate numbers, not costs
Reuters quotes CJCJ's Executive Director, Daniel Macallair, on why the costs of incarceration are increasing in California, despite the declining prison population.
New Centers for Disease Control report shows U.S. officials still won’t address gun violence
Political leaders prefer relying on remedial programs rather than confronting widespread poverty and inequality.
CJCJ in the news: Why the GOP Must Discuss #BlackLivesMatter in the Next Debate
The Huffington Post cites an article by CJCJ's Mike Males, "Who Are Police Killing?", to discuss police violence against African-Americans.
The Business of Guns
Even after all the mass shootings in the U.S, few are talking about two important issues: American gun culture and the business of guns. Gun deathse are expected to surpass vehicale deaths in 2015,…
Guns: Amid more tragedy, the hopeful realities everyone ignores
There are some surprisingly positive developments for politicians and lobbyists ready to conclude today’s endless quarrel.
CJCJ in the news: Native Lives Matter, Too
The New York Times tracts the disparate killings of Native Americans by police officers, citing CJCJ as one of the few sources that covered this issue.
Monterey County residents discuss impact of Proposition 47
On September 10, local elected officials, community leaders, and neighbors in Monterey County’s City of Seaside gathered to learn about the impact of Proposition 47 on state policymaking and…
Obama blames “teenagers doing stupid things” for drugs, crime, imprisonment
We need a modern strategy that treats crime as a behavior of individuals, not demographic groups, and a criminal justice system that responds to individual characteristics. These four charts show…
California crime keeps going down in 2014
This month, the Attorney General of California released new data for 2014 showing that crime in the state continued its downward trend.

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