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Another Round of "Knockout Game" Idiocy
Many reporters and experts seem sadistically bent on creating fear in an aging population by manufacturing endless teen-violence panics
Big Government Must Embrace Big Data
California is the tech center of the world, filled with a richness of technical expertise and innovation. The state now needs political leadership to develop policy that leverages these elements to…
Board of State and Community Corrections Meeting September 25, 2013
Unofficial notes from the meeting, taken by CJCJ's Brian Goldstein.
Board of State and Community Corrections Meeting September 12, 2013
Unofficial notes from the meeting, taken by CJCJ's Brian Goldstein.
Partnership for a Drug-Wrecked America
The Partnership has been an instrumental lobby spending billions of dollars on decades of misdirected, billion-dollar "drug free" ad campaigns that are really designed to protect powerful legal-drug…
Justice-Involved Californians Deserve a Second Chance at Success
Applying for a job is tough, particularly in this challenging economic climate. For those Californians with a criminal history, the obstacles for getting employment often appear insurmountable.
CJCJ Newsletter - Tell the Governor to sign these bills!
A run down of California's legislative session, SF's Due Process for All Ordinance, and a call for your support of Cameo House.
California Poised to Adopt Necessary Criminal and Juvenile Justice Reforms
Both the legislature and Governor Brown are currently reviewing a wide range of juvenile and criminal justice policies that will have a long-term impact on the state. Here's a breakdown of key bills.
CJCJ Newsletter - We can end the prison crisis safely
Tell the Gov. you don't support prison expansion, attend the drug policy conference of the year, and read about the intersection of immigration and criminal justice.
CJCJ opposes governor's $315 million prison fix
Expensive short-term custodial solutions will not solve California's prison crisis and does not serve public safety interests.
Board of State and Community Corrections Meeting August 2013
Unofficial notes from the meeting, taken by CJCJ's Brian Goldstein.
Board of State and Community Corrections Meeting July 2013
Unofficial notes from the meeting, taken by CJCJ's Brian Goldstein.
California Assembly Holds Hearing on Building Safe and Successful Schools
On Wednesday, June 12th, the California State Assembly Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color brought together policymakers, grassroots advocates, youth, educators, and concerned…
Legislative update: proposed California criminal justice policy, June 2013
The California state legislature just completed a pivotal phase in the legislative process. CJCJ reviews key criminal justice policies currently under consideration.
AB 915: A continued vision for juvenile justice reform in California
Unfortunately, AB 915 did not make it off the Assembly Appropriations suspense file on Friday, May 24. This ends the current legislative path for the bill, but its legacy and vision remain…
Board of State and Community Corrections Meeting May 2013
Unofficial notes from the meeting, taken by CJCJ's Brian Goldstein.
Merging BSCC leadership roles limits opportunities for reform
On May 15, 2013, Governor Brown submitted a budget trailer bill that makes concerning changes to the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC).
Brown’s revised budget discriminates against the mentally ill
Brown's budget revives a killed bill that requires state parole, rather than community supervision, for certain people who have suffered from mental illness.
Grassroots Leaders to Legislators: We Have the Right To Remain Unsilent!
On May 13, 2013: Formerly Incarcerated People's Quest for Democracy Legislative Briefing on polices that impact the ability of formerly incarcerated people to fully participate in society.
The complex link between incarceration and public safety
Brown's plan to reduce prison overcrowding focuses on increasing incarceration, rather than enhancing public safety.
Underaged & Suppressed?
Mike Males asserts that young people are politically vulnerable and scapegoated when it comes to gun control laws. Listen to the discussion on HuffPost Live.
Brown can release prisoners early without compromising public safety
Gov. Brown must reduce the state's prison population by 10,000 people or be held in contempt of Court. Systematically releasing low-risk inmates is a safe and just way to meet this mandate.
Boston Bombings
It has now been more than a week since the dramatic event that came at the end of the annual Boston Marathon. What concerns me the most is the media coverage and what many would call an overreaction…
Against violence and against incarceration
Anti-violence activists, who often demand harsher penalties for offenders, tend to work in opposition to those fighting overuse of incarceration, who call for the opposite. This antagonism leaves…
Police hiring boom hits Bay Area departments
After years of cutbacks, layoffs -- and now climbing crime rates -- police departments throughout the Bay Area have begun taking on new recruits again.

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