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October news from CJCJ
JCRT's Daniel Reyes promotes community-based services at national conference, a CJCJ youth client looks forward to the future, and After the Doors Were Locked by Daniel Macallair receives praise…
CJCJ in the news: San Francisco should fund effective programs, not a new jail
San Francisco County Supervisor, Jane Kim, highlights CJCJ's Cameo House as a model alternative to incarceration for rest of the nation.
Cameo House: A Partnership to Help Mothers Succeed
In partnership with the San Francisco Adult Probation Department, CJCJ's Cameo House now serves as an alternative sentencing program for pregnant and parenting women in San Francisco County.
CJCJ in the news: Revolving justice: SF agencies tackle recidivism
San Francisco's Bay Area Reporter highlights the LEAP program, which CJCJ operates in partnership with the San Francisco Public Defender's Office.
CJCJ in the news: Unique SF program aims to keep troubled kids in school
CJCJ operates the LEAP program in partnership with the San Francisco Public Defender's Office to help young people obtain educational success.
Harm Reduction: A Hard Pill to Swallow
San Francisco Sentencing Commissioner, Kate McCracken, reflects upon a recent visit to Seattle, Washington to learn more about the LEAD program, a police operated pre-arrest diversion program.
Missouri's Innovative Concept Academy: One Powerful Idea
The Innovative Concept Academy in St. Louis City, Missouri shows how one powerful idea can come to life when you are willing to think outside the box and challenge the status quo.
San Francisco’s Sheriff implements Obamacare
Sheriff Mirkarimi discusses his plans to implement the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in San Francisco.
CJCJ in the news: Lawyers help troubled S.F. youths stay in class, out of jail
In partnership with the San Francisco Public Defender's Office, CJCJ operates the Legal Advocacy Education Program (LEAP) to help at-risk youth obtain educational success.
CJCJ's LEAP program receives 34th annual Good Government award on March 11, 2014. The LEAP team includes CJCJ's Board member Patti Lee and LEAP Advocate Marc Babus.
Back to work: San Francisco reduces unfair barriers to employment
Earlier this month, San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to implement a Fair Chance Ordinance promoting fair hiring policies among both public and private employers.
How to Address Pain for Life
Restorative practices are essential to improving the framework of our justice system. This new lens values the connection between the victim, offender, and the community. It allows for meaningful…
You mentor, discover, and inspire us!
A big thank you to all of our generous donors this holiday season. You reached above and beyond to help us provide gifts for our Juvenile Justice Services youth, and we want to honor your kindness…
Out of the Darkness: For Inmates Released Late at Night, Change May Be Coming
Danielle Evans, Director of Women's Services, discusses the need for coordinated reentry planning for individuals exiting local jails.
Bringing the holidays into the jails
The San Francisco Sheriff’s Department and the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice partnered to bring the holiday spirit into the San Francisco County Jails.
CJCJ Newsletter - Thank you for a big year at CJCJ!
CJCJ reflects on its transformation in 2013: new programs, award winning staff, and our new Director of Women's Services.
Fouts Springs: A Model Approach to Serving High-Risk Youth
New study documents legacy of Fouts Springs Youth Facility, a regional facility operated by Solano County that served high-risk youth in lieu of the state youth correctional facilities.
Spotlight on Solano: Youth thrive through county innovation
A closer look at Solano County's self-sufficient juvenile justice practices.
Home from prison
This San Francisco Bay Guardian article highlights CJCJ's Cameo House program.
CJCJ Newsletter - Saying goodbye to CJCJ's Supportive Living Program
CJCJ's Supportive Living Program closes its doors and policy staff report on the ineffectiveness of curfews.
A day in the life of Patsy Jackson a NoVA Case Manager
Patsy Jackson has been a case manager with NoVA for two years. Patsy helps her clients succeed by minimizing barriers to reentry and facilitating reintegration in their families and communities.
Safety first: protecting clients in an emergency
CJCJ staff attend the San Francisco Fire Department's Neighborhood Emergency Response Team training to learn how to keep themselves, their families, and their clients safe in an emergency.
Pre-booking Diversion To Help Address Health Needs
How do you divert justice-involved individuals into specialized programs that address the root causes of their criminal activity?
Contribute to a safe and healthy home today!
Help us provide a vital safety net for homeless mothers at Cameo House.
Reentry barriers: employment and the technology divide
How do you prepare for work in an office environment if you've never used a computer? Many Bay Area residents struggle to find employment a fter decades of incarceration.

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