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CJCJ Newsletter - Giving thanks for juvenile justice reform projects
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CCP committees draw fire over composition, accountability issues
Implementation problems highlighted in a recent Sacramento Bee editorial stand to undermine California's criminal justice realignment efforts.  Most notably, the composition of county-level…
Going local: Lessons from tribal justice
A year into California's criminal justice Realignment, preliminary data  indicates overcrowded state prisons populations are in fact declining.  However, sentencing practices across the state remain…
Local Reform in a Realigned Environment
Local Reform in a Realigned Environment
Counties using pretrial services to reduce jail overcrowding safely
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 25, 2012 San Francisco, CA : While 32 out of 58 counties in California are planning to add new jail beds to fulfill new AB 109 realignment responsibilities, a new…
Report: Senate Bill 678 delivers on its promises
In July the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) released it's second year report on the effectiveness of Senate Bill 678 , a well-designed piece of legislation sponsored by Senator Mark…
WEBINAR: Local reform in a realigned environment, Sept. 27, 2012
On September 27, 2012 at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, Scott MacDonald , Chief Probation Officer of Santa Cruz County, and CJCJ's Kate McCracken will present on Local reform in a realigned environment . …
Overcrowded jails, the bail industry, and pretrial alternatives
This month is the Justice Policy Institute (JPI)'s Bail Reform Month . Their national public education campaign provides research showing that "money bail is a failed policy that does not protect…
Those closest to the problem should be at the forefront of the solution
In an era of Realignment, who should be involved in determining the local jurisdictions' implementation plans?  Currently, this responsibility is maintained with the Community Corrections…
San Francisco leading the way to sentencing reform
In the face of historic opposition to a statewide sentencing commission, San Francisco County established a local sentencing commission January 2012 to address the county's sentencing policies and…
Legislation to provide more opportunities for unsentenced detainees
In California, local county jail bed space is not always for the guilty.  Approximately 50,000 un-sentenced individuals are confined to the state's county jails, awaiting their time before a judge. …
Cross-sector collaborations demonstrate impressive results
Counties across the state are facing unprecedented new challenges in their adult and juvenile criminal justice systems.  Pressures are increasing on local systems due to adult corrections realignment…
Red Rose Culinary Academy off to a delicious start
The Red Rose Culinary Academy is an innovative program from Brothers for Change, Inc .  Led by head chef Henry Howard, the program is designed to enable formerly incarcerated individuals to engage…
Program uses kitchen to retrain ex-cons and the homeless
Program uses kitchen to retrain ex-cons and the homeless San Francisco Examiner, July 16, 2012
San Francisco's Community Approach Towards "Wrapping" High-Needs Youth
San Francisco's Community Approach Towards "Wrapping" High-Needs Youth California Progress Report, July 12, 2012
San Francisco's community approach towards "wrapping" high-needs youth
Last month, members of CJCJ's Wraparound team had the honor of presenting to juvenile justice leaders from select California counties at the Sierra Health Foundation's Positive Youth Justice…
San Francisco's Twist on Probation
San Francisco's Twist on Probation Wall Street Journal, July 4, 2012
CJCJ Newsletter - New exciting reforms take shape in California
New and exciting reform initiatives for you!
No cookie cutter approach for justice-involved youth
The Sierra Health Foundation (SHF) in partnership with The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF) and The California Endowment (TCE) has launched the first of its kind statewide Positive Youth Justice…
Systems Change In An Era Of Crime Decline
Systems Change In An Era Of Crime Decline California Progress Report, June 25, 2012
Lessons Learned: The Santa Cruz County Story
Lessons Learned: The Santa Cruz County Story
Misconceptions about high-risk youth offenders
The High Desert Daily Press featured a three-part story last week exploring how San Bernardino County prosecutes, supervises, and rehabilitates their juvenile offenders.  Daily Press reporter Beatriz…
CJCJ's Kate McCracken appointed to SF Sentencing Commission
The San Francisco Sentencing Commission is a newly created advisory body charged with encouraging the development of criminal sentencing strategies that reduce recidivism, prioritize public safety…
Humboldt County's regional "New Horizons" program delivers impressive results
Humboldt County's Probation Department is leading the way in utilizing innovative funding streams for serving California's highest-risk, highest-need youthful offenders. The department…
Can California reduce its juvenile justice recidivism rates?
A CJCJ co-sponsored event, Can California Reduce Its Juvenile Justice Recidivism Rates? is taking place today: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 in the California State Capitol, Room 126 at 1:00 pm to 2:30…

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