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Who has the right to "stand your ground"?
Florida teenager Trayvon Martin had been dead for a month and the national furor over his shooting by vigilante George Zimmerman was into its third week before anyone, to my knowledge, asked that fundamental question.  Law enforcement officials, experts, and commentators across the spectrum had assumed that the only issue was whether Zimmerman was entitled to use Florida's "stand your ground" law to justify shooting Martin. MSNBC commentator Melissa Harris Perry finally declared what the…
The "Zimmerman Dilemma": How afraid should we be of young black men?
While commentators led by no less than President Obama  have blamed violent crime on "the entire generation of young men in our society" and have warned us to fear young black men in particular, those Americans more thoughtful than politicians running for office, exploitative interest groups, sensationalist reporters, and racist fear-mongers know that "entire generations" don't commit violence; individuals do. If the individual approaching you is a black teenaged male, how much more likely are…
The Florida Experiment: An Analysis of the Practice of Sending Kids to Adult Court
The Florida Experiment: An Analysis of the Practice of Sending Kids to Adult Court

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