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Kids with Mental Health Issues Still Languish in Detention Centers
In the early 2000's several reports began to document the existence of thousands of juveniles with diagnosed mental health issues sitting in detention facilities waiting for placement in a mental health facility.  For instance, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette surveyed 172 detention centers nationally and found that more than 40% of them "said children with mental health problems stay in detention longer than others because placements can't be found for them." The director of a detention center in…
The epidemic of abuse continues
In my most recent post I said that I would continue my investigation of what I termed an "epidemic" of abuse inside juvenile institutions.  This led me first to the state of Mississippi. In Mississippi the situation has become so bad that a special web site has been set up devoted to following the issue. It is called "A Mississippi Gulag ." Back in 2002 the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) began an investigation of the conditions inside the Oakley Training School in Raymond,…

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