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New data reveal persistent disparities in charging youth as adults

A long-overdue report lays bare the egregious racial disparities that pervade the juvenile justice system, and falls short of providing crucial data on youth transferred to adult court.

Longer sentences for youth do not improve public safety
Pathways to Desistance , a study of serious youth offenders, finds that long institutional commitments do not reduce recidivism and in fact can have the opposite effect.  The study follows over 1,300 youth convicted of serious felonies (inc. murder, robbery, and sex offenses) across the country over a seven-year period. A September 2012 factsheet  from the National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN) summarizes the latest findings of the study: ~ A youth's future likelihood to re-offend cannot…
Juveniles in adult courts: Moving in the opposite direction
California is moving in the opposite direction of the rest of the nation when it comes to transferring juveniles into adult court systems.  California's practice of filing juvenile cases in adult court is not congruent with the efforts of many states that are removing youth from adult criminal justice system, strengthening juvenile courts, and changing their transfer laws to ensure youth offenders remain in the juvenile system.   A new report from the national Campaign for Youth Justice …

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