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CJCJ’s Sentencing Service Program keeps youth in juvenile court

When a prosecutor wants to try a youth as an adult, defense attorneys reach out to Nisha Ajmani, program manager for CJCJ’s Sentencing Service Program (SSP), to keep that youth in the juvenile justice system.

Announcing the release of the Juvenile Placement Manual 2012

Attention youth advocates, probation officers, public defenders, and county placement agencies:     CJCJ's Sentencing Service Program is pleased to announce the release of the 2012 edition of the Juvenile Placement Manual. The manual is a result of 27 years of effort by Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice staff to develop the best juvenile disposition options available.  The manual contains updated and expanded information about approximately 150 residential placement options for juvenile…

2008/09 Juvenile Placement Manual released
CJCJ's Sentencing Service Program releases the 2008/09 Juvenile Placement Manual The Sentencing Service Program first released its Juvenile Placement Manual in 2002 to assist individuals in the important task of determining an appropriate placement for juvenile offenders.  The manual proved itself to be a valuable tool for defense counsel, prosecutors and probation as it contained information about juvenile placement options throughout California and the nation.  After five years of…

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