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CJCJ in the news: As California becomes more diverse, youth arrests continue to plummet

Sacramento News & Review interviews CJCJ's Mike Males on his report "The Plummeting Arrest Rates of California's Children" detailing the dramatic decline in youth arrests over the past 30 years.

Juvenile Crime at All-Time Low, Leaving Empty Beds at Juvenile Hall
Juvenile Crime at All-Time Low, Leaving Empty Beds at Juvenile Hall Fair Oaks-Carmichael Patch, November 28, 2012
New publication sheds light on the inner circle of K-street lobbying
Announcing the release of CJCJ's latest report on California's special interest groups and criminal justice policy, Sacramento's K-Street Lobbyists: The criminal justice inner circle . The investigative report authored by Senior Fellow at Demos, Sasha Abramsky includes interviews with prominent lobbyists such as John Lovell, and CCPOA's Ryan Sherman to find out what drives criminal justice policy in California.   "You build up your rolodex," he says, "you get face and name recognition…

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