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Gateway Program provides positive path for San Bernardino County juvenile offenders
Gateway Program provides positive path for San Bernardino County juvenile offenders Redlands Daily Facts, August 26, 2012
Misconceptions about high-risk youth offenders
The High Desert Daily Press featured a three-part story last week exploring how San Bernardino County prosecutes, supervises, and rehabilitates their juvenile offenders.  Daily Press reporter Beatriz E. Valenzuela looked at patterns of juvenile crime and arrest reductions, the unbridled powers of local district attorneys to "direct file" juveniles into adult court , and the impact of adult realignment and Governor Brown's juvenile realignment plan on local corrections systems.   The facts…
San Bernardino County's model program for youth offenders
Since 2007, San Bernardino County's Probation Department has made strategic, bold changes in order to align their systems with modern and effective best practices for the rehabilitation and reentry of youth offenders.  Prior to 2007, San Bernardino had a history of state-dependency for their youthful offender population and was the subject of a lawsuit for facility conditions and practices.  Over the last four years, the county has demonstrated admirable leadership and innovation in utilizing…

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