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California and juvenile justice realignment: Solid ideas, shaky execution
While Texas and Missouri continue to make steady, substantial steps towards juvenile justice realignment (as mentioned recently by CJCJ), California seems mired in a state of indecision.  Though acknowledging the need for wholesale reform, the state lacks the political commitment to implement the policy changes necessary to accomplish it.  In 2011-2012, Governor Brown proposed full-scale juvenile justice realignment with support from the Little Hoover Commission, the Legislative Analysts…
Texas juvenile justice community solutions
Texas continues to break new ground with pioneering county-based solutions to serving justice-involved youth.  In addition to the promising state-level reforms CJCJ blogged on last week, a new report details how Texas counties are proving to be effective incubators of innovation.  The report, released last week by the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition (TCJC), highlights the model practices of 12 Texas counties and provides fiscal and political recommendations that would enable all counties to…
Texas juvenile justice reforms highlight California's shortcomings
A new report shows that Texas has proceeded on a similar track as California in its statewide efforts to reform its juvenile justice systems yet with superior results, specifically in the state's community-based models run by counties.   As in California, the Texas state-managed facilities were plagued with scandals for years, with independent investigations revealing extensive physical and sexual abuse of youth wards in the Texas Youth Commission (TYC).  The incarcerated youth population…

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