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Increased higher education spending enhances public safety and deters crime
California's budget demonstrates a commitment to correctional spending despite continued funding cuts to other important social services. According to California Common Sense , since 1980 "...the number of incarcerated felons in state prisons has increased more than eightfold despite relatively stable crime rates." Incarcerations and related costs have been driven up in part by the unnecessary incarceration of low-risk, non-violent offenders due to the Three Strikes law and similar…
National leaders in youth justice reform
The nation has come along way in juvenile justice reform.  John Jay College in New York recently released a new report that details the various juvenile justice reform efforts undertaken by states in the last 30 years.  Three major strategies for reform are identified and evaluated in terms of the long-term effectiveness of each.   The three main strategies they identify are resolution , meaning limiting judicial options for out-of-home placements by closing facilities; reinvestment whereby…
Legislature, Governor Brown advance historic juvenile justice reforms
Just days after the deadline, the Governor signed the $92 billion 2012-13 California budget into law on June 27th. The budget includes some of the most significant reforms in state juvenile justice policy since the passage of Senate Bill 81 in 2007.  In his May 14th revised budget proposal, Governor Brown had retracted his plan to close the state's youth correctional facilities, Division of Juvenile Facilities (DJF), under intense and well-coordinated law enforcement and county pressure.  …

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