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The Storm Has Arrived: Veterans in the Criminal Justice System

November 11th has been set aside to honor those who have served their country in the various branches of the military rarely a population that is recognized is the veterans sitting in jails and prisons.

Justice Policy Journal – Volume 10, Number 2 – Fall 2013

Articles on veterans, juvenile diversion program volunteers, court-ordered mentoring for adjudicated youth, pretrial publicity, and punishing racial and ethnic minority student athletes.

Veterans impacted by the criminal justice system
Veterans returning from war zones face copious challenges upon re-entering their communities and many encounter the criminal justice system in some capacity.  CJCJ's Senior Research Fellow, William (Bud) Brown conducts research on this issue.  In his recent paper, published in CJCJ's Justice Policy Journal (JPJ) earlier this year, Dr. Brown conducted a study finding that veterans with PTSD and alcohol dependency related to combat are more likely to be impacted by the criminal justice system. …

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