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Senior Research Fellow Randall Shelden presents at ASC Conference 2012
On November 17, 2012, CJCJ Senior Research Fellow Randall G. Shelden presented at the American Society of Criminology Annual Conference in Chicago, IL. In the session titled The Politics of Punishment and Correction , Professor Shelden discussed his comparison of corporate crime to gang activity.  Please access his PowerPoint presentation attached below. In addition, Professor Shelden has written about this issue extensively on CJCJ's blog, in a series entitled Is Wall Street a gang? …
Wall Street is without a doubt a gang
A new report by two noted experts on corporate crime reinforces my contention in the previously posted four part series called "Is Wall Street a Gang?"   The report is "White Collar Criminology and the Occupy Wall Street Movement" co-authored by Henry Pontell and William Black.  It has just been published in the latest issue of The Criminologist , the newsletter of the American Society of Criminology. Pontell and Black argue that the frauds committed by some of the largest financial…
Corporate Crime [video]
CJCJ's Senior Research Fellow, Randall Shelden, discusses his recent blog series "Is Wall Street a gang?" in this video blog. Read the whole series here: Part I: Part II: Part III: Part IV: To view Randall Shelden's…

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