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New Fact Sheet: Crime in L.A. County’s Major Cities Decline Amid Statewide Justice Reform

New CJCJ research finds crime rates have declined among Los Angeles County's major cities during California's justice reform era (2010-2018).

Los Angeles County Crime Rates Show Wide Local Variation During Justice Reform Era, 2010-2016

CJCJ’s new fact sheet shows Los Angeles County crime trends, like trends across the state, appear to be highly localized during the justice reform era.

Former justice-involved youth should be key players in creating policy

Policymakers, law-enforcement, and advocates must include justice-involved youth when making decisions that affect these young people and their communities.

CJCJ statement on LA jail indictments

Official statement by Executive Director Daniel Macallair on the Los Angeles County jail indictments. 

Realignment in Los Angeles County

A closer examination of LA county's unique realignment trends.

Report: LA among counties sending more to prison
Report: LA among counties sending more to prison KPCC Radio, August 17, 2012
LA County is sending drastically fewer people to prison post-realignment
LA County is sending drastically fewer people to prison post-realignment KPCC Radio, June 14, 2012
Should one County obstruct the juvenile justice reform efforts of the other 57 counties?
On February 10, 2011, CJCJ's Executive Director Daniel Macallair and UC Berkeley's Lecturer in Residence, Barry Krisberg were featured on KCRW's Which Way, L.A.? alongside Connie Rice, Co-Director of the Advancement Project in Los Angeles, and Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, to discuss how Governor Brown's proposal to eliminate the DJF will effect Los Angeles County's juvenile justice practices. Ms. Rice described the current L.A. County juvenile justice system as "disastrous." …
More Abuse in Youth Prisons
In the two most recent blogs, Dan Macallair called attention to the continued abuse being reported by the news media.  He first noted reports dating back to the 19 th century in the San Francisco Industrial School, noting that this was an institution created in an era that began with the New York House of Refuge, which was abusive in the extreme and eventually had to be closed.   Then he jumped on the proverbial "time machine" and took us to present-day Texas and California -- same story, more…
Abuse in the LA County Juvenile Justice System
In my previous blog I wrote about the endemic nature of abuse in juvenile institutions. No sooner had I written that blog than the following article appeared in the Los Angeles Times regarding the beating and molestation of youths under the custody of the Los Angeles Probation Department. The article's authors highlighted incidents where staff were actually prosecuted for particularly egregious criminal acts including sexual exploitation and beatings of youth in their custody. In one instance a…
A Kiddie Epidemic? Hardly.
A Kiddie Epidemic? Hardly. Los Angeles Times, September 17, 2006
Los Angeles County Youth Crime Trends
Los Angeles County Youth Crime Trends
The Color of Justice
The Color of Justice
Racial Disparities in The Charging of Los Angeles County's Third "Strike" Cases

In 1994, African-Americans were 17 times more likely to be subject to California's three strikes law, according to LA Public Defender data.

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