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Treatment or Incarceration? Drug Addiction Facts
Treatment or Incarceration? Drug Addiction Facts TransWorldNews, September 9, 2008
Justice Policy Journal - Volume 5, Number 1 - Spring 2008
(ISSN 1530-3012) From the editor The impact of Australia's 1996 firearms legislation: a research review with emphasis on data selection, methodological issues, and statistical outcomes Special Topic: Prison Stories Rehabilitating and Reintegrating Youth Offenders: Are Residential and Community Aftercare Colliding Worlds and What Can Be Done About It? Police-Probation Partnerships: Managing the Risks and Maximizing Benefits Intra-Ethnic Variation in Sentencing for Hispanic Drug…
Questions Surround SF Midnight Curfew
Questions Surround SF Midnight Curfew ABC7 Evening News, September 13, 2006
A Model Design for the Implementation of SACPA: Making Prop. 36 Work in Your County

A guide to assist county stakeholders in assessing and improving local SACPA implementation and evaluation.

In Brief: Information Sharing and Confidentiality
In Brief: Information Sharing and Confidentiality
The Homeless Pretrial Release Project: An Innovative Pretrial Release Option

San Francisco's model pretrial release and case management program for homeless misdemeanants. 

What if They Built a Prison and No One Came? The Life and Death of a Youth Prison

A description of Summit View Correctional Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A California Juvenile Court Advocate's Guide to Noninstitutional Placement

This guide is designed to assist juvenile court advocates in locating and accessing residential placement alternatives for youths in the juvenile justice system.

An Assessment of the Detention Diversion Advocacy Project

This research suggests that the apparent success of DDAP may stem largely from the fact that it exists outside of the formal juvenile justice framework; that is, it is a true alternative to the normal institutional framework. 

Prioritizing Incarceration: Does San Francisco Need a Jail on Treasure Island?

An analysis of the need for a new women's jail in San Francisco determines there is no justifiable reason to build one.

Reducing Detention Populations through Advocacy and Case Management

This article examines the application of advocacy and case management programs in juvenile detention and their potential for resolving institutional populations.

Hawaii's Juvenile Justice System: A model for Reform

Hawaii is a state which is poised on the brink of deinstitutionalization, a state which holds real potential for the design and implementation of a model juvenile justice system.

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