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Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans Returning Home -- Is this Vietnam Revisited or Vietnam Surpassed?
Returning Afghanistan and Iraq veterans are confronting unemployment, housing unavailability, domestic violence, substance abuse, posttraumatic stress disorder, and traumatic brain injuries.  Regardless of the number of tours in a war zone these veterans have served, their second war begins following discharge from the military -- the war that begins when they return home. Although many of the challenges facing Afghanistan and Iraq veterans are similar to those confronted by Vietnam veterans…
Justice Policy Journal - Volume 1, Number 3 - Fall 2004
(ISSN 1530-3012) From the editor When the Past is a Prison: The Hardening Plight of the American Ex-Convict Questioning Appropriations for Juvenile Offenders: A Case Study of Juvenile Arrestees in Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties, Florida A Partial Test of Life-Course Theory on a Prison Release Cohort A Civic Justice Corps: Community Service as a Means of Reintegration From the editor By Randall G. Shelden, M.A., Ph.D. Editor's Introduction I am pleased to present to…
San Francisco Seeks Reentry for Returning California Prisoners
San Francisco Seeks Reentry for Returning California Prisoners, September 27, 2006
Questions Surround SF Midnight Curfew
Questions Surround SF Midnight Curfew ABC7 Evening News, September 13, 2006
City Juvenile Justice Policy: Has the Mayor's Office on Criminal Justice seen it?
City Juvenile Justice Policy: Has the Mayor's Office on Criminal Justice seen it?, September 5, 2006
The Homeless Pretrial Release Project: An Innovative Pretrial Release Option

San Francisco's model pretrial release and case management program for homeless misdemeanants. 

A Strategy for Creating a Model Juvenile Justice System for San Francisco

Making San Francisco's juvenile justice system work requires the adoption of a new organizational structure and direction.  Under the new system, secure detention becomes just one element of a full continuum of services capable of providing comprehensive individualized interventions.

Reducing Detention Populations through Advocacy and Case Management

This article examines the application of advocacy and case management programs in juvenile detention and their potential for resolving institutional populations.

Hawaii's Juvenile Justice System: A model for Reform

Hawaii is a state which is poised on the brink of deinstitutionalization, a state which holds real potential for the design and implementation of a model juvenile justice system.

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