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A Modern Understanding of a Long Ago Confession and a Boy’s Execution

An in-depth look at the George Stinney case and what it could mean for juvenile justice policy almost 70 years later.

Some on Death Row 'low risk' for parole
Some on Death Row 'low risk' for parole San Francisco Chronicle, January 13, 2013
Death Penalty Vs Life Imprisonment

Death in Decline '09 a report by The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Northern California explores life imprisonment as an alternative to the death penalty.  It also makes a correlation between the present financial crisis and fair trials.  CJCJ's recently released "Capital punishment has a mandatory three level review process, thus a death penalty case may take between 25 to 30 years before execution with a reaching costs of up to $137 million per year.  For example, the resources…

Life sentences for kids?
The U.S. Supreme Court will once again take on the issue of excessive punishment for juvenile offenders.  In 2005 they ruled that the death penalty for those under 18 was unconstitutional.   This was the case of Roper v. Simmons where the court ruled that both the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments "forbid imposition of the death penalty on offenders who were under the age of 18 when their crimes were committed."    In the case before the court two juveniles - Joe Sullivan, who raped a…
A Taxpayers Guide to the California Death Penalty
Bound copies of this publication are available for order by contacting You may also view the electronic version on our website at
A Taxpayers Guide to the California Death Penalty
A Taxpayers Guide to the California Death Penalty
Daniel Macallair presents on "Juvenile Incarceration as Mitigation"
Executive Director Daniel Macallair, MPA is the leading national expert on juvenile institutional mitigation. He draws on his twenty-years experience in the development and analysis of youth and adult correctional policy. Recently, he presented on "Juvenile Incarceration as Mitigation" at the annual CACJ/CPDA capital case defense seminar. Their website is .
Death Penalty and Deterrence: The Last Word
Death Penalty and Deterrence: The Last Word
Justice Policy Journal - Volume 1, Number 2 - Spring 2003
(ISSN 1530-3012) From the editor Justice Policy Journal Volume 1, Number 2: Spring 2003 From the editor By Daniel Macallair, MPA Editorial Statement Manuscripts submitted to JPJ cannot have been published elsewhere, including the internet. They cannot be under consideration by another journal or publication outlet. Upon publication, authors must sign a copyright agreement with the Justice Policy Journal . Justice Policy Journal Volume 1, Number 2: Spring 2003 By Edward…
How Have Homicide Rates Been Affected By California's Death Penalty?

This study shows that homicide rates are at best uneffected by capital punishent in California. 

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California Sentencing
Institute (CASI)

Explore how California’s 58 counties send their residents to correctional institutions with interactive maps, charts, and downloadable data.

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