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News items related to dispositional options

Planning for the future of justice-involved youth

Dispositional case planning is the heart of juvenile probation services. It is the art of crafting a case plan presented to the Judge describing the recommended provision of services for the justice-involved youth.

Nigeria’s evolving juvenile justice system

An article by Iyabode Ogunniran discussing the evolution of juvenile justice in Nigeria was released in the Spring 2013 edition of the Justice Policy Journal today. 

Charging Youth as Adults: What's the Impact?
The juvenile justice system works best when it rehabilitates youthful offenders and gives them the life skills to succeed.  To solely emphasize punishment, neither serves the best interest of the youth nor of society-at-large.  However, there remains an underlying tension between punishment and rehabilitation, specifically when the youth is charged with a particularly offensive crime. Given these circumstances, states across the country have transfer procedures in place, which can transfer…
Justice Policy Journal - Volume 9, Number 1 - Spring 2012

(ISSN 1530-3012) From the editor The Use of War to Profit The Post-Release Employment Among Different Types of Offenders with A Different Level of Education: A 5-year Follow-up Study in Indiana The Infamous 'One-Percenters': A Review of the Criminality, Subculture and Structure of Modern Biker Gangs Juveniles Sentenced and Incarcerated as Adults: Findings From a Qualitative Analysis of Their Knowledge, Understanding, and Perceptions of Their Sentences From the editor By…

Another troubling juvenile court case

Statements by prosecutors following the January 16 ruling by a San Francisco Juvenile Court judge that four "Potrero Hill gang members" committed first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, and gang-related crimes in the 2007 shooting death of a 17-year-old woman and wounding of another teen outside a community center raise troubling questions about juvenile justice.   According to prosecutors and the judge's ruling, one of the youths, now an adult, used a gun to murder…

Defense based disposition reports and juvenile justice reform
The San Francisco Public Defender's Office and the Pacific Juvenile Defender Association staged their yearly juvenile justice roundtable on Friday, November  7.   The conference was well attended by juvenile public defenders and defense counsel from around California.   I was asked to speak on the topic of presenting incarceration alternatives at disposition hearings. The importance of defense attorneys providing options to juvenile court judges at disposition hearings cannot be overstated.  I…
CJCJ's Sentencing Service Program Releases Juvenile Placement Manual
CJCJ's Sentencing Service Program Releases Juvenile Placement Manual
The History of the Presentence Investigation Report, published in The Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice

The History of the Presentence Investigation Report, published in The Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice

Expert Testimony at Sentencing

This article explores the history of the growing role of sentencing experts in criminal proceedings. 

100 Years Of The Children's Court: Giving Kids A Chance To Make A Better Choice

In commemoration of the American Juvenile Court's Centennial, this book includes the stories of 25 individuals who were justice-involved as youth and became successful adults. 

A California Juvenile Court Advocate's Guide to Noninstitutional Placement

This guide is designed to assist juvenile court advocates in locating and accessing residential placement alternatives for youths in the juvenile justice system.

An Assessment of the Detention Diversion Advocacy Project

This research suggests that the apparent success of DDAP may stem largely from the fact that it exists outside of the formal juvenile justice framework; that is, it is a true alternative to the normal institutional framework. 

Reducing Detention Populations through Advocacy and Case Management

This article examines the application of advocacy and case management programs in juvenile detention and their potential for resolving institutional populations.

Disposition Case Advocacy in San Francisco's Juvenile Justice System
Disposition Case Advocacy in San Francisco's Juvenile Justice System

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California Sentencing
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Explore how California’s 58 counties send their residents to correctional institutions with interactive maps, charts, and downloadable data.

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