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Transforming California's Prisons into Expensive Old Age Homes for Felons: Enormous Hidden Costs and Consequences for California's Taxpayers

Given the high costs to house elderly inmates in prison, and their low likelihood of reoffending, the public safety benefits of long sentences are called into question.

Trading Books for Bars: The Lopsided Funding Battle Between Prison and Universities

In a time of fiscal crisis and increasingly limited discretionary spending, such vast increases in prison spending will necessarily threaten both the quality and availability of higher education in California. 

The Prison Population Explosion California's Rogue Elephant

Examination of corrections in CA concludes, "we starve programs which could have an impact on crime in order to pour money into a bloated imprisonment program which cannot work." 

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: The story of jail funding in San Francisco

San Francisco's fiscal decisions in the 1990's made trade offs between needed social services and jail construction.

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