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Justice Policy Journal — Volume 11, Number 2 — Fall 2014

The Fall 2014 issue of Justice Policy Journal includes studies on electronic monitoring, sex offender registration laws, prison arts, vets in the system, and gun ownership.

CJCJ in the news: You can’t blame immigrants for gun violence

CJCJ's Mike Males on the truth about gun violence, gun control, and youth of color.

Who's Really Dying from Guns in the United States?

32,351 Americans died from gunfire in 2011. Nearly half of them were older white men shooting themselves. 

An American Gun Death Every 16 Minutes in 2011

Senior Research Fellow Mike Males: But no one likes to talk about who's dying from guns, or how.

Scared of Gun Violence? Run INTO a School!*

School and college campuses account for 5 out of every 10,000 shootings in the United States, but occupy 90% of our discussion of gun violence.

New Complications Challenge No-Complications-Allowed Gun Debate

A gun-control lobby's incisive report disputes mass-shooting dogmas. A woman-hating shooter's rampage defies popular answers. Yet, America's gun policy debate remains rooted in ancient prejudices.

Guns, a Reign of Terror, Part II

This is a continuation of my previous blog on a book by Tom Diaz called "The Last Gun." 

Guns: a Reign of Terror

In his latest book, Tom Diaz, a former gun enthusiast and an ex-member of the National Rifle Association, the first chapter is appropriately called “A Reign of Terror.”  How true this is, as the data he presents show.

Justice Policy Journal - Volume 10, Number 1 - Spring 2013

Includes articles on residential substance abuse treatment, faith-based halfway houses, youth justice in Nigeria, and gun control laws.

Underaged & Suppressed?

Mike Males asserts that young people are politically vulnerable and scapegoated when it comes to gun control laws. Listen to the discussion on HuffPost Live.

OP-ED: The Gun Debate, Round 2: Let’s Learn From Young People, Not Demonize Them

"Bad information breeds expedient, ineffective policy, as exemplified by the administration’s surviving gun initiatives..."

Boston Bombings

It has now been more than a week since the dramatic event that came at the end of the annual Boston Marathon. What concerns me the most is the media coverage and what many would call an overreaction by law enforcement.

Radio Smart Talk: School Safety

What Sandy Hook [-] did was shine a spotlight on school safety. 

For Real Prison Reform, Longer is Not Always Better

Last week, while defiantly declaring the end of California's prison crisis, Gov. Jerry Brown insisted further reductions in prison overcrowding "cannot be achieved without the early release of inmates serving time for serious or violent felonies"

Jon Stewart's thoughtless quip on young people and guns--It's just not funny
"How about we ... make guns less sexy so they won't be considered so cool by young people?" declared Jon Stewart, whose "Daily Show" semi-satiric news commentaries typically bring accolades from progressives. Those familiar with The Daily Show know Stewart often provides profound and original insights from which conventional commentators shrink. In a largely serious January 9 commentary, Stewart zeroed in on the extreme paranoia of a fraction of gun enthusiasts that some…
What about Men? A follow-up to Newtown Shootings
In my most recent blog I happen to mention in passing that most of these kinds of shootings are committed by men.  In a recent article by Meghan Murphy expanded on this often neglected fact. The issue of guns and access to mental health care has most often been discussed, writes Murphy, but, she says, "no one is asking what is, for once, the single most important question: What about the men?" After listing some of the most well-known mass shootings dating back to 1984, she writes that "In…
SF juvenile probation chief explores arming officers
SF juvenile probation chief explores arming officers Bay Citizen, December 21, 2012
Who's really murdering our children--and why won't we talk about it?
President Obama, in the wake of the massacre of 26 children and adults in Newtown, Connecticut's, Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday, says "we are not doing enoug to protect our children ." He's right, far more than he acknowledges.  How can we possibly "do enough" when the president, interests, and media commentators won't even talk about what the real dangers to our kids are?Here's a scary fact neither the president nor other commentators will contemplate, because it's just too…
Newtown massacre renews assault gun fight
Newtown massacre renews assault gun fight San Francisco Chronicle, December 18, 2012
Gun nuts run amok
This past summer a young man named James Holmes bought four guns at local shops and more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition on the Internet in the two months prior to opening up inside a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado.   Now we have still another man (they always seem to be men) going berserk in an elementary school in Connecticut , killed at least 30 people, 20 of them children.   One recent report noted that "the gun murder rate in the U.S. is almost 20 times higher than the next 22 richest…
American gun debate stifled by myth, dogma, and resistance to crucial information
During Barack Obama's presidency, 3,000 American children and teenagers were murdered by violence inflicted by their parents and caretakers --a toll equal to last Friday's gun massacre at Newtown, Connecticut's, Sandy Hook Elementary School every 10 days. An equal number of children were killed by parents too addicted, mentally ill, or uncaring to provide vital care. Has Obama eulogized these thousands of young victims--far more than are murdered in schools, colleges, theaters, and malls--as…
Plunge in black-youth crime threatens politics of scapegoating
FBI and California statistics showing a huge drop in violence and crime by young people of all races--particularly African Americans--to record low levels threatens the simplistic, often crazed gun-violence debate.    The desperate need of interest groups for ever-rising epidemics of youthful gun violence was epitomized yet again by sports pundit Bob Costas's irresponsible commentaries (borrowed secondhand from pundit Jason Whitlock with no evident fact-checking by either) berating "gun…
The "Zimmerman Dilemma": How afraid should we be of young black men?
While commentators led by no less than President Obama  have blamed violent crime on "the entire generation of young men in our society" and have warned us to fear young black men in particular, those Americans more thoughtful than politicians running for office, exploitative interest groups, sensationalist reporters, and racist fear-mongers know that "entire generations" don't commit violence; individuals do. If the individual approaching you is a black teenaged male, how much more likely are…
Who has the right to "stand your ground"?
Florida teenager Trayvon Martin had been dead for a month and the national furor over his shooting by vigilante George Zimmerman was into its third week before anyone, to my knowledge, asked that fundamental question.  Law enforcement officials, experts, and commentators across the spectrum had assumed that the only issue was whether Zimmerman was entitled to use Florida's "stand your ground" law to justify shooting Martin. MSNBC commentator Melissa Harris Perry finally declared what the…
The Gun Culture

"Police said the gunman was a 22-year-old college dropout who was armed with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and extended clips that allowed him to fire dozens of bullets without reloading." Arizona Republic, January 11, 2011. I don't know if there is anything I can add to what has already been written in the news media and stated on newscasts and talk radio almost non-stop since the horrific events on January 8.  Here I merely want to comment on guns. There is something fundamentally sick about…

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