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Out of the Darkness: For Inmates Released Late at Night, Change May Be Coming

Danielle Evans, Director of Women's Services, discusses the need for coordinated reentry planning for individuals exiting local jails.

Home from prison

This San Francisco Bay Guardian article highlights CJCJ's Cameo House program.

Red Rose Culinary Academy off to a delicious start
The Red Rose Culinary Academy is an innovative program from Brothers for Change, Inc .  Led by head chef Henry Howard, the program is designed to enable formerly incarcerated individuals to engage in vocational and academic training in the food industry, which will eventually lead to sustainable employment.  The 16-week culinary arts course prepares students with the skills necessary to enter the food industry workforce upon graduation.  Curriculum modules include a strong foundation in the…
The Homeless Pretrial Release Project: An Innovative Pretrial Release Option

San Francisco's model pretrial release and case management program for homeless misdemeanants. 

Shattering "Broken Windows": An Analysis of San Francisco's Alternative Crime Policies
Shattering "Broken Windows": An Analysis of San Francisco's Alternative Crime Policies
From Beyond Shelter To Behind Bars

A study of San Francisco's practice of policing homelessness. Our Officers and Deputies are highly trained individuals, but they can not be expected to protect us from poverty. 

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: The story of jail funding in San Francisco

San Francisco's fiscal decisions in the 1990's made trade offs between needed social services and jail construction.

California Stentencing Institute screenshot

California Sentencing
Institute (CASI)

Explore how California’s 58 counties send their residents to correctional institutions with interactive maps, charts, and downloadable data.

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