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CJCJ in the news: You can’t blame immigrants for gun violence

CJCJ's Mike Males on the truth about gun violence, gun control, and youth of color.

Justice Policy Journal – Volume 11, Number 1 – Spring 2014

Articles on the nexus between immigration and criminal justice, disproportionate justice-involvement among the American Indian population, and modern developments in prison architecture and design.

Immigration consequences of criminal convictions

There are many collateral consequences to criminal convictions in California, such as barriers to employment, housing, and social services. An additional concern that criminal defense attorneys should consider when advising their clients is the possible immigration consequences of their conviction.

Weed More Likely Than Rape or Murder to Get an Undocumented Immigrant Detained

The Drug Policy Alliance's Amanda Reiman discusses a recent CJCJ report on Immigration and Customs Enforcement holds and what suspected criminal activities were most likely to result in detainment.

CJCJ Newsletter - Tell the Governor to sign these bills!

A run down of California's legislative session, SF's Due Process for All Ordinance, and a call for your support of Cameo House.

Weed more likely than rape to get immigrant detained, report charges

A new report suggests that a suspected undocumented immigrant convicted of possessing pot may be more likely to face immigration detention than one who’s been convicted of rape.

Civil Immigration Detention is Not an Appropriate Use of Local Jails

CJCJ's Brian Goldstein Op-ed in the California Progress Report considers if federal immigration enforcement should consume finite local public safety resources and capacity.

Are Immigration Detainer Practices Rational?

New study casts doubt on efficacy of immigration and public safety intersection.

Is there an end in sight to the War on Drugs?

As so many drug-related reforms move forward, there is still a need for a comprehensive examination of how drug policy is implemented locally.

CJCJ Newsletter - We can end the prison crisis safely

Tell the Gov. you don't support prison expansion, attend the drug policy conference of the year, and read about the intersection of immigration and criminal justice.

Immigration Detainer Requests for Low Priority Marijuana Arrests

Fact Sheet on ICE hold requests for people with marijuana convictions in California, Oct. 2009 to Feb. 2013.

Four ways to better manage jail bed space

Under Realignment some counties, in which the local justice systems rely heavily on incarceration, are putting extra pressure on their sheriffs to manage their burgeoning jail populations safely. A new fact sheet by CJCJ, suggests four jail population management strategies that could help sheriffs and other justice stakeholders to address these challenges.

Jail Population Management Strategies in a Post-Realignment Era

This fact sheet lists four available deliberate interventions that counties can employ to alleviate jail bed space and improve public safety outcomes.

The Unnecessary Detention of Undocumented Youth

The intersection of the immigration and juvenile justice systems hampers reform efforts and denies appropriate treatment to undocumented youth.

The Unnecessary Detention of Undocumented Youth

Fact Sheet on law enforcement responses to ICE hold requests for youth in California, Oct. 2009 to Feb. 2013.

The Impact of Non-Criminal Immigrant Detentions in California

According to a new CJCJ report, California’s counties have spent significant resources and jail capacity, often at their own expense, to detain suspected undocumented immigrants who do not have a reported criminal history. Yet if this population is notably law-abiding, why are so many of them in our local jails?

Report: Releasing undocumented immigrants could help relieve Calif.'s jail overcrowding

A new report from the Center for Juvenile and Criminal Justice suggests California jails could alleviate overcrowding by refusing to detain non-criminals accused of immigration violations.

Detention of non-criminal individuals has impact on post-Realignment California

CJCJ releases report examining the large number of suspected undocumented immigrants, without a criminal history, who are detained in California’s local jails on non-mandatory holds. 

Exclusion from the ACA heightens punishments for undocumented immigrants

While the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is an exciting step in our society’s health care reform, its exclusion of undocumented immigrants will only further highlight the disparities that this population faces and induce a chain reaction of increased health care costs for all Americans. 

Drug and Immigration Offenses Dominate Court Cases and Prisons
The latest figures from the Bureau of Justice Statistics show that drug and immigration offenses constitute a large proportion of the cases processed in the criminal justice system, along with a rising number of immigration cases.   Starting with the latest numbers from the series " Felony Defendants in Large Urban Counties, 2006 " we find that between 1994 and 2006 drug cases constituted the largest proportion of felony cases, ranging from 34% to 37%.  During the same period the proportion…
The Myth of Immigrant-Fueled Crime Wave in Arizona
The Myth of Immigrant-Fueled Crime Wave in Arizona Politics Blog, September 9, 2010
Crime Drops, Immigration Soars in Arizona
Crime Drops, Immigration Soars in Arizona The Crime Report, August 23, 2010.
Scapegoating Immigrants: Arizona's Real Crisis Is Rooted in State Residents' Soaring Drug Abuse
Senior Research Fellow Mike Males and Executive Director Daniel Macallair investigate Arizona's recent anti-immigrant law.  "
Arizona's Anti-Immigrant Panic Masks a White Drug Abuse Crisis
What does a drug abuse epidemic have to do with angry political attacks against immigrants and minorities? Everything, concludes a new CJCJ study detailing key facts so far missing from debate over Arizona's draconian anti-immigrant law. The study analyzes recent figures documenting that drug abuse has become a deadlier crisis in Arizona than almost anywhere else--worse, even, than California's formidable drug woes. After a tripling in drug death rates over the last two decades, overdose of…
Scapegoating Immigrants: Arizona's Real Crisis Is Rooted in State Residents' Soaring Drug Abuse
Scapegoating Immigrants: Arizona's Real Crisis Is Rooted in State Residents' Soaring Drug Abuse

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