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Fabricating Arizona's "Immigrant Crime Wave"
Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly (among others, including prominent Republicans such as Sarah Palin) has repeatedly blamed Arizona's "500,000 illegal aliens" for (in O'Reilly's words) bringing a crime wave in Arizona, particularly Phoenix, that is "overwhelming... dangerous... through the roof," creating social chaos" so "desperate" and "dangerous," that the state had to impose its draconian immigration crackdown law (Fox News reports of May 3, 4, 6, 13, and 14). "Arizona had to do…
The Myth of an "Immigrant Crime Wave, Part II"
My earlier blog focused on long-term California statistics showing Latinos, the most immigration-impacted ethnicity, actually show bigger declines in arrests over the last three decades than do populations dominated by long-term residents, such as Whites. This blog uses national prison statistics to examine another dimension of this issue, with the same conclusion: contrary to popular claims, the U.S. is not suffering a recent immigrant crime wave, legal or illegal, second generation, or…
The Myth of an "Immigrant Crime Wave"
American Conservative publisher Ron Unz has always taken a refreshingly wonkish approach to public policy. His latest, His-Panic , compares national imprisonment and urban crime rates involving Latinos versus other US populations to challenge "talk TV sensationalists and axe-grinding ideologues who have fallen for a myth of immigrant lawlessness." Unz's findings have fueled outrage among anti-immigrant forces. CJCJ has taken a different approach to analyzing crime, but our conclusions…

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