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The American Gulag: The Correctional Industrial Complex in America

An examination of the political and social elements of the prison industrial complex.

Young African American and the Criminal Justice System in California: Five Years Later

Follow up on the 1990 study shows that the general plight of people of color, particualrly young black males, has deteriorated.

Race & Incarceration In San Francisco: Two Years Later

A follow up on a 1992 study of San Francisco's racially disparate incarceration trends finds a city steeped in rhetoric rather than reason.

Singapore West: The Incarceration of 200,000 Californians

As incarceration rates in California continued to increase during the 1990's this report debunks the perceived public safety benefit, through an international comparison.

The Prison Population Explosion California's Rogue Elephant

Examination of corrections in CA concludes, "we starve programs which could have an impact on crime in order to pour money into a bloated imprisonment program which cannot work." 

Race & Incarceration in San Francisco: Localizing Apartheid

This report compares the incarceration rates of African American males in San Francisco to those of African American males in the United States overall and black males in South Africa.

Reaffirming Rehabilitation in Juvenile Justice

An examination of juvenile justice in the United States reveals a failed correctional model and the hope of reform.

Young African American Men and the Criminal Justice System in California

The 1977 Determinate Sentencing Law was passed in an effort to achieve fairness and parity in sentencing in California. Thirteen years later, we have a system loaded down with African American men in the prime of their lives.

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