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CA Policy: The Law Offices of John Lovell
"Welcome to the Law Offices of John Lovell.  During the twenty years our firm has been in existence over 99% of the bills we have lobbied for have been signed into law in the California State Legislature.  The short and simple truth is, our effectiveness is unparalleled." This is the opening statement on The Law Offices of John Lovell's homepage .  John Lovell is one of the most prominent lobbyists in Sacramento, California; representing many corrections and law enforcement unions on issues…
CA Policy: the CCPOA political powerhouse
In my last two CA Policy blogs I discussed successful marketing strategies employed by special interest groups to thwart criminal justice policy reform.  The two propositions I depicted as examples, involved sophisticated use of rhetoric and multimedia visibility.  Both Proposition 66 and Proposition 5 were opposed by the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA), whose influential role in the opposition campaigns is documented in CJCJ's CCPOA Information Sheet . Here's a…
CCPOA Information Sheet
CCPOA Information Sheet
California Special Interest Groups Information Sheet
California Special Interest Groups Information Sheet
Corporate Cabal Pushed Bad Juvenile Policies for 25 Years
The Center for Media and Democracy's ( ) "ALEC Exposed" page contains an eye-opening roster of how bad prison and juvenile justice legislation took off like wildfire around the country beginning in the 1980s. The Center obtained more than 800 pieces of "model legislation" circulated to lawmakers by the secretive, corporate/lobby-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), including many concerning prison and juvenile justice policy. Those interested in laws…
Life Without Parole: costly for juveniles and taxpayers
It is the responsibility of the state to "provide juveniles sentenced to life a 'meaningful opportunity for release,'" according to the 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Graham v. Florida .  In California, there is no such "meaningful opportunity" as of yet.  Youth, under the age of 18, committed for 1st degree murder in California can be sentenced to Life Without Parole (LWOP), without ever having the possibility to petition for their parole.   Recognizing the fact that these can minors spend…
The American Legislative Exchange Council
The American Legislative Exchange Council
The Prison Industry
The Prison Industry
What is Lobbying?
What is Lobbying?
California Criminal Justice Interest Group Overview: A working paper
California Criminal Justice Interest Group Overview: A working paper
BP Oil - The Plot (and oil) Thickens
Is there any end in sight to this criminal act?  My previous blog focused on the fact that this was a case begging for a criminal indictment.  I neglected to mention the fact that BP Oil, along with the entire oil industry, has figured out methods of living off the public dole. As reported in the New York Times recently the platform were the oil rig was sitting on is owned by a company called Transocean a company that had moved its corporate headquarters from Houston to the Cayman…
Fix the Prisons? Part II
I stated in Part I of this blog that the prison system is "functional" in that it benefits some segments of the population.  One obvious segment it benefits is all of those who work inside.  Indeed, with $68 billion in annual expenditures on the American prison system plus strong unions in many states you have a very strong vested interest in keeping the prison a going concern (the "reforms" would serve mostly to make working conditions and pay and benefits much better).  Then too we have all…
A Modest Proposal on Prison Costs: Reign in the Overtime
For the past 20 years the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice has critically examined the control exercised by special interests group over California's prison policy -- especially the state's prison guards union.   With their ability to spend millions of dollars to defeat political enemies, the guards union has achieved unprecedented success in promoting their agenda and resisting reform efforts. In her recent editorial, Sacramento Bee editor, Pia Lopez, analyzes the historical influence…
Do Black Teens Need More Policing?
Why do the news media adore James Alan Fox? He's never been right. The Northeastern University criminologist perpetuates fossilized 19th century demographic dogmas that measure crime as a function of dark-skinned youth in the population, inflammatory racialized quips branding nonwhite teenagers as "sociopaths" and "superpredators," and 25 years of horrendously wrong crime predictions. Now Fox and colleagues are back with another media-splashed study (conveniently…
More Election Reflections
While the loss of California's Proposition 5 was a huge disappointment to the prison reformers, the sound rejection of Proposition 6 by California voters provides some consolation.  Proposition 6 represented a billion dollar raid on the state treasury by Sacramento lobbyist for the benefit of their law enforcement and prison interest group clients.  Because the initiative was intended to increase the jail and prison population, the campaign was bankrolled by private prison companies, bail…
Election Reflections
Last night's elections should give us all cause for hope that the United States is moving into a post conservative era that will usher in a new wave of social policy. However, the defeat of California's Proposition 5 should be a reminder of the challenges ahead in shaping a more humane and rational criminal justice system. Proposition 5 offered an opportunity to bypass the prison industrial complex interest groups who exert a stranglehold on reform legislation at the state capital.…
Vote Yes on Proposition 5
On Election Day, California voters will have the opportunity to bring permanent change to its morally and financially bankrupt criminal justice system by voting for Proposition 5 -- the Nonviolent Offender Rehabilitation Act (NORA). Prop 5 circumvents the special interests dominance that has brought California's criminal justice system to the brink of collapse and paralyzed attempts to bring responsible change through the normal legislative process. The power of the prison industrial complex…
No on Proposition 6--A Special Interest Raid on California's Treasury

No on Proposition 6--A Special Interest Raid on California's Treasury California Progress Report, October 9, 2008

Guest Editorial: No on Proposition 6

Guest Editorial: No on Proposition 6 Beyond Chron, October 8, 2008

Juvenile Justice Bill 2007
Juvenile Justice Bill 2007 KQED Radio, August 28, 2007
OT pushes guard's pay past $100,000
OT pushes guard's pay past $100,000 Chicago Tribune, December 23, 2006
California Prison Politics
California Prison Politics
The American Gulag: The Correctional Industrial Complex in America

An examination of the political and social elements of the prison industrial complex.

The Undue Influence of California's Prison Guards' Union: California's Correctional-Industrial Complex

Documenting the influence of the prison guards union on criminal justice policy in CA.

Trading Books for Bars: The Lopsided Funding Battle Between Prison and Universities

In a time of fiscal crisis and increasingly limited discretionary spending, such vast increases in prison spending will necessarily threaten both the quality and availability of higher education in California. 

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