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Marijuana Arrests and California's Drug War
Marijuana Arrests and California's Drug War
The racism of marijuana prohibition
The racism of marijuana prohibition Los Angeles Times, September 7, 2009
San Francisco: The "Selma" of Drug Policing
In any given year over the last two decades, San Francisco Police Department arrests for simple possession of marijuana have varied by up to 300% over other years. After a 1999 peak (946 arrests), numbers plunged to 357 in 2007, then nearly doubled to 609 in 2008. Why? Who knows? Nobody seriously contends pot smoking varies that radically over time, if the streets' sweet haze densities are any indicator. What has changed, and radically, is who's getting arrested. In the peak year of 1999,…
The Danger of Legalizing Marijuana without Comprehensive Reform
As strange as its sounds, American history repeatedly shows that legalization of certain drugs leads to expanded, not reduced, "wars on drugs": In the late 1800s, the crisis of middle-Americans' addiction to new, legal patent medicines saturated with opiates, cocaine, and alcohol was buried under vicious official crusades vilifying the Chinese and opium and black men and cocaine. After the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, the explosion in drunk driving and abuse of newly legalized alcohol by…
Marijuana bill is wrong vehicle for legalization
At first glance, AB 390 by Assembly Member Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) to legalize the cultivation, sale, and use of marijuana under a regulation and taxation system similar to that applied to alcoholic beverages would seem to epitomize the sensible, humane policies for which he is known. By nearly every standard, marijuana is less troublesome than alcohol, better use can be made of law enforcement resources than to arrest and prosecute 70,000-plus Californians for marijuana every year, and…
Drug War Update, the year 2008 in review
As far as the war on drugs is concerned, as far as 2008 is concerned we simply conclude that "the beat goes on."  More than $50.8 billion was spent on this never-ending campaign, with the states spending about 60% of the money.  Almost 1.9 million were arrested for drug offenses during the year, 831,000 for marijuana alone, mostly possession.  Almost 11,000 were incarcerated as a result of their arrest and conviction .   As everyone knows, race and gender are of critical importance in…
Treatment or Incarceration? Drug Addiction Facts
Treatment or Incarceration? Drug Addiction Facts TransWorldNews, September 9, 2008

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