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212: A Modern History of Youth Bashing – With Mike Males

Author, sociologist and outspoken youth advocate Mike Males shares his insights on the social, political and cultural problem of blaming, shaming and framing youth.

Up Front

Senior Research Fellow, Mike Males, discusses Realignment's impact on county-by-county disparities.

School-to-prison pipeline [video]
CJCJ's Senior Research Fellow, Randall Shelden, discusses the school-to-prison pipeline in this video blog.  He notes, "dropping out should be seen as a process, not an event." His most recent publication blends theory, research, and applications into a superb overview of the complex issues surrounding juvenile delinquency and society's attempts to address juvenile crime: Randall G. Shelden. (2011). Delinquency and Juvenile Justice in American Society, 2nd ed. Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press .…
Part IV: Give me that old time religion [video blog]
CJCJ's Senior Research Fellow, Randall Shelden, discusses his blog series "Give me that old time religion" in this video blog.  The series explores the inside of Christian homes for troubled teens and uncovers a multitude of abuses. Read the whole series here: Part I: $$4 Part II: $$4 Part III: $$4 To view Randall Shelden's blog, please visit
AB 109: Criminal Justice Realignment & Reform (slides)
AB 109: Criminal Justice Realignment & Reform (slides)
It's all business [audio]
"It's all business" By Selena Teji, J.D. Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice This short broadcast discusses the role lobbying firms play in exacerbating the current prison crisis in California. Listen here If you would like to learn more about this issue, please visit our Interest Groups and Criminal Justice Policy page found under the public education tab on our homepage: $$4
Money Talks [audio]
"Money Talks" By Randall G. Shelden, Ph.D. & Selena Teji, J.D. Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice A political interest group is a group of individuals whose aim is to affect public policy decisions based on their common activities. This four-minute broadcast introduces listeners to the criminal justice special interest group landscape in California, highlighting key players and the strategies they employ to promote their agenda in California's criminal justice policymaking. …
Paradise Lost: Hawaii's Twenty Years of Failed Juvenile Corrections Reform [video]
The San Francisco Industrial School [Video]
Farrell Litigation Introductory Video
NoVA: San Francisco's Model Reentry Program Video
Broadcast: Marijuana Legalization in California
San Francisco's Reentry Commissioner and Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice Program Director Gerald Miller discusses the hot topic of legalizing marijuana.  Mr. Miller covers misconceptions of legalizing marijuana, the trends marijuana arrest rates have taken in the last twenty years, and some of the implications involved if marijuana were to be legalized. As indicated in the graph above, misdemeanor marijuana arrests have been on an upward trend since 1992. ~  In 1990 Marijuana…
Broadcast: The Problem of Prison Overcrowding in California
Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice Program Director Gerald Miller offers his insight on the overcrowding of California prisons.  He discusses the criminalization of unwanted social behaviors, what overcrowding actually looks like, the effects it has on violence, and the important role community programs play in fixing this problem.   Listen  to staff Ashley Afferino interview CJCJ Program Director and SF Reentry Commissioner Gerald Miller on prison overcrowding. Brief History From…
No Violence Alliance (NoVA) Video Overview
Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice Video Overview

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