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CJCJ Newsletter - Preliminary CA realignment data

Is realignment working?    

CJCJ Newsletter - Presenting the California Sentencing Institute (CASI)

Interactive sentencing map – what’s going on in your county?    

CJCJ Newsletter - New exciting reforms take shape in California

New and exciting reform initiatives for you!    

CJCJ Newsletter - Publications reveal CA political imbalances

Who’s deciding California’s legislative priorities?    

CJCJ Newsletter - Post AB 109: Adult Criminal Justice

AB 109 updates, upcoming Bail Industry publication, and the War on Drugs    

CJCJ Newsletter - Juvenile justice legislative update

Did you attend the hearings?    

CJCJ Newsletter - Juvenile justice reform gains momentum

Are you contributing to the juvenile justice realignment debate?    

CJCJ Newsletter - 2012 juvenile justice reforms move forward

Are you part of juvenile justice reform?    

CJCJ Newsletter - Opportunity for reform in 2012

Thank you for all your support    

CJCJ Newsletter - Interest groups & criminal justice policy

Who decides in Sacramento?    

CJCJ Newsletter - Plug in to CJCJ

Have you seen us lately?    

CJCJ Newsletter - Juvenile Justice, Nationally

How does California compare to other states?    

CJCJ Newsletter - California Realignment News

Realignment is upon us. How will you respond?    

CJCJ Newsletter - California Juvenile Justice Reform Update

New resources on California’s juvenile justice system just for you.    

CJCJ Bulletin: A Plan for Juvenile Justice in San Francisco
CJCJ Bulletin: A Plan for Juvenile Justice in San Francisco

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California Stentencing Institute screenshot

California Sentencing
Institute (CASI)

Explore how California’s 58 counties send their residents to correctional institutions with interactive maps, charts, and downloadable data.

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