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An Analysis of Juvenile Homicides: Where They Occur and the Effectiveness do Adult Court Intervention

An unprecedented and rapidly developing trend - the transfer of juvenile offenders into the adult prison system at increasingly younger ages - is creating increasing strain on our country's criminal justice system. 

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Plight of Adolescent Girls in The San Francisco Juvenile Justice System

This report presents recommendations about serving the unique needs of girls in the San Francisco Juvenile Probation system. 

Big Time for Petty Crime: The Story of Petty Theft Offenders in California

At the cost of approximately $21,000 per year, California is spent $105 million per year to imprison shoplifters.  This study examines whether it impacted crime rates.

Race & Incarceration In San Francisco: Two Years Later

A follow up on a 1992 study of San Francisco's racially disparate incarceration trends finds a city steeped in rhetoric rather than reason.

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: The story of jail funding in San Francisco

San Francisco's fiscal decisions in the 1990's made trade offs between needed social services and jail construction.

Parole Violators in California: A Waste of Money, A Waste of Time

The study examines California's system of parole and makes recommendations for improvement.

Reforming Hawaii's Juvenile Correctional System: Program Recommendations to the Hawai'i Legislature

Policy recommendations following a review and evaluation of juvenile correctional programs administered by the Hawai'i Department of Corrections.

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